Monk In A Sentence

How To Use Monk In A Sentence?

  • The monk hung his head, and pondered on the proposition.
  • Ercole held out the small note, and the monk took it.
  • This monk to whom licentiousness is God?
  • Captain Monk was recovering rapidly.
  • The Monk then took bell and book.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Monk | Monk Sentence

  • There is a monk in there.
  • The monk crossed over to him.
  • The monk tossed his head.
  • Pale monk and idle chatterer!
  • The old monk was right.
  • I dressed up as the monk for the purpose.
  • The monk stared at me in disgust.
  • The figure of a monk was in the further corner from me.
  • The monk then went off quickly.
  • The monk looked on quietly.
  • Tutilo was a monk of the ninth century.
  • A monk seized his hand.
  • You look like a monk in that bathrobe.
  • The monk turned his bright eyes on me.
  • With the advent of the monk came the nun.
  • The monk silently folded up the paper.
  • The old monk looked surprised.
  • The monk and the knight knelt down and prayed.
  • Luther meant to be a monk of the original type.
  • A monk in their midst was eating sausages.
  • I know now how a monk without a vocation feels.
  • That is to say, a monk out of his cloistre.
  • I should think a monk in a cell might suit you.
  • You shall not tempt a monk of our blessed order.
  • I told the monk to say the masses for a female.
  • The monk said a word in a low tone.
  • A monk stood waiting to receive the letter.
  • This dash of the monk and the minstrel is a sure sign.
  • It is like seeing a monk at the plough-handle.
  • In churches of the regular foundation a monk played.
  • Turning back, he perceived the monk at the gateway.
  • The monk laid his left hand affectionately on her shoulder.
  • And the Monk was all alone.
  • Each monk is a portrait, probably drawn from life.

Definition of Monk

To be a monk. | To act like a monk; especially to be contemplative. | To monkey or meddle; to behave in a manner that is not systematic.
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