Monotonous In A Sentence

Definition of Monotonous

Having an unvarying tone or pitch. | Tedious, repetitious or lacking in variety.

How To Use Monotonous In A Sentence?

  • Any thing was a variety from the dry studies and monotonous duties of the cloister.
  • The present tense too is far more pleasant and less monotonous than the preterite.
  • But here also the conventional and monotonous treatment of his cattle begins to be visible....
  • To use extreme language, it might almost be called a monotonous and soporific mode of existence.
  • From another room came a monotonous sound repeated indefinitely, a tuner at work on a piano.
  • And leaning back, he yawned and fell asleep, Lulled by the chant monotonous and deep.
  • It was an agreeable variation from the monotonous routine of his voyage, and he felt that it was not unpleasant to her.
  • The tortured goatskin's monotonous discord blended with the savage harmony of the song.
  • It was a monotonous life, but it was very healthy and one does not much mind anything when one is well.
  • Their talk ran incessantly on their acquaintances, whose sayings and doings they discussed with monotonous detail.
  • The harvesters of grain and grass have gone, and the tinted stubble is full of crickets and monotonous cicadas.
  • Women escaped from their monotonous confinement and joined the procession to the holy place, perhaps carrying a new dress for the deity.
  • It has been one long, slow, monotonous march, accompanied with more or less hardship to all concerned.
  • Her easy, luxurious, monotonous life had been very sweet to her, but her husband had been the dearest part of her life.
  • The rhythm of his movements were monotonous and anticipatory, making Orren to constantly step backwards.
  • Besides this, I believe good fiction one of the most beneficial reliefs to the monotonous lives of the poor.
  • At last they perceived, somewhere in the wood, a fire burning, and a monotonous chant struck upon their ears.
  • The meadows and fields, though a pleasant sight, are somewhat monotonous at home; here they have a perfectly different look.
  • On the contrary, contrasts are often less cold and monotonous than perfect harmony, and the statuesque beauty generally leaves us unmoved.
  • The growl of his voice had now reduced itself to a monotonous purr, which reminded Dollard of nothing so much as a ...
  • In their lives there was no Sabbath, in their lives there was no peace; they knew no existence but a monotonous career of violence and bloodshed.
  • All was still, excepting the echo of the miner's hammer, and the monotonous sound of his horse's step along the rocky path.
  • The creaking of a windlass, or the monotonous chant of sailors on some unseen, outlying ship, came faint and far, and full of mystic suggestion.
  • Convoying ships in the stormy autumn and winter waters, amid the fog and rain of the eastern Atlantic, was a monotonous and dreary occupation.
  • That monotonous drowsy hum of the Spinning song is exactly what is needed to put one in the mood for sympathising with Senta and her dreams.
  • The eye was filled With luxury of soft motion and the sound Of soft monotonous chanting charmed the ear.
  • Meanwhile, with futile pursuits and monotonous waits, the branding dragged slowly along, and suddenly Bowles realized he was hungry.
  • By this time the nerves of the two watchers were shattered by the constant strain, and the monotonous view from the front window was beginning to madden them.
  • The thought of living in such a monotonous gray district for years made me all the more anxious to prolong my holiday by all the economy which could eke out my fifty pounds.
  • She found the inmates of this region leading a pleasant but somewhat monotonous life, free from hardships and from the sleet and cold of their earthly existence.
  • All the dwellings were of the same monotonous pattern, and one side of the court looked at its exact likeness opposite, as if it were seeing itself in a looking-glass.
  • The long ride out to the Quemado was a thing to which he was not accustomed, and the merrymaking had seemed to him quite monotonous after an hour or two.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Monotonous | Monotonous Sentence

  • It has been one long monotonous toil.
  • His home country was and is a monotonous plain.
  • He stopped his monotonous whisper and pointed to her.
  • For several days the journey was monotonous and uneventful.
  • It would make a break in the monotonous life.
  • Though sombre and monotonous in tone, his touch and drawing are masterly.
  • Europeans in Teheran lead a pleasant though somewhat monotonous life.
  • As a writer, Mr. Carlyle is often monotonous and extravagant.

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