Monster In A Sentence

Definition of Monster

(informal) Very large; worthy of a monster. | (informal) Great; very good; excellent. | To make into a monster; to categorise as a monster; to demonise.

How To Use Monster In A Sentence?

  • The other always appeared to me to be a monster of contradiction and absurdity.
  • It represents the monster seated over the mangled remains of one of its victims.
  • Only the waters themselves dared to give the impulse that should set this monster afloat.
  • There was a roar that was plainly heard for miles, and a monster grizzly struck at me.
  • Just one or two minute black featureless figures of men toiled amidst these monster shapes.
  • Along the terrace parapet are tea-tables; a monster oak protects one from the sun.
  • For a moment he trembled like Frankenstein before the monster he had fashioned.
  • During the next two days the monster cannon continued to shoot shells at intervals into Paris.
  • The monster is the fosterling of Hera in the Homeric hymn, and the bane of flocks and herds.
  • In the Greek story the monster was sent by Hera (Juno) to devastate the land of Thebes.
  • And he alone knew of the terrible monster that at this moment was threatening to leap upon and destroy them.
  • This many-headed monster is a representation of a torrent, which being cut off in one direction breaks out in another.
  • A huge mythical monster represents the mouth of hell, and into his flaming and smoking jaws the impenitent are falling.
  • Now that the monster can purvey for its own subsistence, it will only carry the mark about it, as a token of its having torn the womb it came from.
  • The powers of the monster were darkness and cold and weariness of living, the death-urge recoiling from life into nothingness.
  • Anywhere else where it would be possible for such a monster engine of war to be erected, would bring it too close to our batteries.
  • After driving the monster from its lair with arrows he attacked it with his sword, and in place of each head he struck off two sprang up.
  • Bellerophon destroyed the monster by raising himself in the air on his winged steed Pegasus, and shooting it with his arrows.
  • The enraged monster then poked his head against the poles, and the tent fell upon its terrified inmates, and embraced them in its folds.
  • Then they were away and up, seeking to find the monster cannon that was bringing the war into the heart of Paris.
  • An imaginary fire-breathing monster of great swiftness and strength, invented by the ancient Greek poets.
  • For my part I cannot think what pleasure there can be in beating about for a monster that, if it reaches you with a tusk, may be the death of you.
  • In the midst of a war to "crush militarism," it was now plotted to impose that monster on Englishmen themselves.
  • And the wedding feast lasted for eight whole days, and the three monster wizard dogs sat at the table, staring around them with all their eyes.
  • On hearing approaching footsteps, the monster irritably raised its head, opened wide its jaws, and cast a sidelong glance at its assailant.
  • Under these names is blazoned a fabled monster of classic origin, half man, half horse, holding an arrow upon a bended bow.
  • Strike it thrice and there appeared the monster dog with eyes that rolled round and round and were as large as the Round Tower itself.
  • She is somehow connected with the fable of the birth of the monster Typhoeus, son of Hera without a father.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Monster | Monster Sentence

  • Here was a monster of her own making.
  • The lair of the monster is discovered.
  • A covetous soldier is a monster which is rarely seen.
  • The black monster was coming directly toward her.
  • From thy ancestral tree springs many a monster forth.
  • It was a monster cannon that was devastating Paris.
  • Elizabethans had begotten a monster that could carry him about in its mouth.
  • And then began an organized campaign to locate the monster cannon.
  • The weight of the amazing monster flying machine was 4 tons.
  • He knew that the monster had broken its bonds and was abroad seeking for prey.
  • The monster is gifted with the evil eye, killing whomsoever it looks upon.
  • That evening I came down to dinner a monster of pride, for behold!

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