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  • The names indicate that these monsters were impersonations of whirlwinds and storms.
  • The unicorn is one of the most famous of all the chimerical monsters of antiquity.
  • My doctrine will rid the world of the abnormal monsters born of ignorance and superstition.
  • When they fell in the river they threw up columns of water like spouting monsters of the deep.
  • He stared through the brilliant, hot colors, but no rushing horde of monsters met his eyes.
  • A legend avers that it is haunted by monsters having the bodies of men and heads of beasts and birds.
  • They do not seek to destroy his principles and assert their own; the stranger monsters of the suburban street do seek to do this.
  • A rush of escaping air whirled upward the black-winged monsters in an inverted maelstrom of shrieking winds.
  • Blacker and blacker grew the water; they could not always see the monsters as they drove them back on each side.
  • Spectral shapes crawl out of dark fissures and leap from rock to rock and hideous sea monsters creep in the verge of shadows.
  • Its pursuer must have seen the monsters still on the ground, and it swung to rake them with a shower of small-caliber shells.
  • Classic story makes us acquainted with many dreadful monsters of the dragon kind, to which reference will afterwards be more particularly made.
  • The fiery monsters seemed to twine and coil in living motion as the light shone upon their emerald and golden scales and bristling spines.
  • He knew the sentinel monsters to be trees; nothing or everything might be stirring just beyond reach of his vision in these enormous distances.
  • Here monsters lazily glided above dead ships and men unburied, a wilderness where no spring had ever dawned since the beginning of the world.
  • Later the port swung open again, and he saw the monsters emerge, each gripping several men clad in yellow sea-suits!
  • Scandinavian mythology, like that of all bold maritime peoples in old times, is rife with legends of certain great monsters of the sea.
  • They bore down on Ferguson like a procession of fleeing monsters with round, goblin eyes staring in affright.
  • Masks and arabesques, fruit and flowers, fabulous monsters and sacred emblems, encrust the grey balustrades and bas-reliefs of the noble stairways.
  • Every day almost we, who live in Richmond and the surrounding towns, see these monsters shooting up higher into the air.
  • It is permissible to present men as monsters if we wish to make the reader jump; and to make anybody jump is always a Christian act.
  • What power shall drive these vipers from our shore, These monsters swoln with carnage, death, and gore!
  • Burn me with fire, or bury me in earth, or give me for food to the monsters of the deep, and grudge me not these prayers, O king!
  • He fancied himself entering upon a domain of mystery and adventure where all manner of grim and unearthly monsters might cross his pathway to be wrestled with and destroyed.
  • After this, no Buccaneer dared to go into the woods alone, but the next day, sallying out in troops, they killed all the monsters they could meet.
  • Are we to join the ignorant and brutal outcry which stigmatizes such men as monsters of wickedness, gratuitously running amuck in a harmonious and innocently peaceful society?
  • To avoid their beaks, I dived madly into the depths below, where I had to do battle in the dark with the grim and shapeless monsters of the deep.
  • He did not feebly question the holiness of His Holiness, but he called some of the Popes monsters of iniquity and reprobates.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Monsters | Monsters Sentence

  • Meddling only monsters her.
  • We were becoming monsters of marital egotism.
  • The great monsters could not be captured in that way.
  • There were Gila monsters now and again.
  • The seas were filled with monsters and the islands with sirens.
  • Those monsters would have haunted him as implacably as ever.
  • Think of the food necessary for the monsters of the ante-diluvian world!
  • He might be able to get back inside before these monsters seized him.
  • The three monsters were, it is mentioned, ordered for execution from the dock.
  • The monsters roared, and, with their trunks elevated, advanced to the affray.
  • I only hope these monsters haven't more than one big submarine.
  • Then she continued: "That is the kind of monsters these men are.

Definition of Monsters

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of monster | plural of monster
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