Monte in a sentence

Definition of Monte

(uncountable, card games) A game in which three or four cards are dealt face-up and players bet on which of them will first be matched in suit by others dealt. | (countable, Latin America) A wood or forest; timberland.

Short Example Sentence for Monte

  • 1. Elle aurait monte quarante etages!
  • 2. La jalousie lui monte au cerveau.
  • 3. Il monte en selle et part.
  • 4. Heureusement le chemin ne monte pas sensiblement.
  • 5. Hemos estado en el monte รก cazar.
  • 6. Et ly hostes monte amont et ly autres apres.
  • 7. The game called Monte seemed to be the favorite.
  • 8. Del Monte came in and sat some time with us.
  • 9. Sezanne del Monte has chapters along those lines.
  • 10. Restez si vous voulez, moi je monte me coucher...
  • 11. Je vaux mieux, je suis meilleure, je monte en grade.
  • 12. He was at Monte Carlo about a week.
  • 13. Marciana et au Monte Giove.
  • 14. We all speak of you as a kind of Monte Cristo.
  • 15. The pawnbrokers at Monte Carlo are robbers.
  • 16. Det var vel Monte Mario.
  • 17. But now observe us approaching Monte Carlo.
  • 18. Mentone on its left hand and Monte Carlo on its right.
  • 19. This is proved by the excellence of Monte Carlo opera.
  • 20. Taney, this is worse than Monte Carlo.
  • 21. Bolemba, et sub eodem monte fons qui dicitur Iuuentutis.
  • 22. We also played at Monte Carlo and were quite proficient.
  • 23. Passing Monte Carlo, we drove over to the palace.
  • 24. This was in Montreal not at Monte Carlo.
  • 25. The Count of Monte Cristo.
  • 26. Disse er der saan masser av paa Monte Testaccio.
  • 27. A Romance of Monte Beni.
  • 28. Ahora, Olga del Monte adora al ingeniero.
  • 29. Such is the Legend of Monte del Diablo.
  • 30. Alors un pavillon blanc monte au minaret de Mouley-Driss.
  • 31. But I shall not gamble at Monte Carlo.
  • 32. We must ride on donkeys, in waterproofs, to Monte Cassino.
  • 33. Saa om onsdagen var vi gaat op paa toppen av Monte Cavo.
  • 34. Of course, both Monte Carlo and Nice offer many novelties.
  • 35. It was Poste Restante, Monte Carlo.
  • 36. A small branch climbs from Monte Carlo to La Turbie.
  • 37. El Paso is (was) the Monte Carlo of America.
  • 38. Il monte l'escalier de cette grande maison!
  • 39. Kan Du huske den triste Mand, vi saa nede i Monte Carlo?

How to use Monte in a Sentence?

  • 1. Games of monte and chuckaluck had their devotees, as had also roulette and poker.