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  • It was a month after this.
  • Expect me somewhat over a month after you get this.
  • Things went on so with us month after month.
  • For a month after that night he remained near the cabin.
  • And we tolerated it all, month after month.
  • For a month after this, things went better.
  • He died a month after completing his sixty-first year.
  • One month after an agreement we could be on the Bosporus.
  • A month after this letter Marvell started on his way.
  • Was it a week, or a month, after that?...
  • Exceptionally it makes its appearance a few weeks or a month after birth.
  • The above were the prices a month after the close investment had begun.
  • I have had my suspicions of him ever since a month after he came.
  • A month after this letter came tender answers from all the family.
  • A month after the fight he stretched his muscles and announced himself as well.
  • Here was a man who had been hunted tirelessly month after month as a rebel spy.
  • But month after month passed by, and all went on in the old way.
  • But month after month passed on, and he was like to hear of nothing.
  • He caught cold and died suddenly, just one month after his inauguration.
  • It was a month after Emily's death.
  • I had another rather amusing experience at Pu-piao about a month after this.
  • He prepared the famous letter, dated from London, which appeared a month after.
  • Gus Dobson was arrested about a month after Sam had been pronounced innocent.
  • One night about a month after my return, I woke from a sound sleep, choking.
  • The end came nearly a month after Jim Brewer had told his story.
  • It was a month after the eventful day for the Blossoms, and Saturday morning.

How To Use Month After In A Sentence?

  • Still nothing occurred to really alarm her till about a month after her arrival.
  • Here the resistance was so obstinate that month after month was consumed in siege operations.
  • One month after the birth of a child the call of congratulation is made by acquaintances.
  • Month after month they must have seen its audacity grow in direct proportion to official apathy.
  • Week after week, month after month elapsed, without making any change in my circumstances.
  • For month after month the sun beat fiercely, the sky was as brass, and no rain fell.
  • The balance-sheet for the first month after shipments had begun made Wilmot whistle.
  • About a month after that happened Kennedy tumbled off a cliff, and died of his injuries.
  • This accident occurred in 1866, a year and a month after the disaster on the Matterhorn.
  • In one month after the first shot was fired the whole of the American colonies were in rebellion.
  • But day after day, week after week, month after month, and nothing to show at the end of it all!
  • Zechariah's first oracle is dated in the month after that in which Haggai's first was delivered.
  • Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, nothing but manna.
  • During the first month after May went away there was much going on at Saughleas.
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