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  • Nine months after that passed away.
  • It was several months after his son was born.
  • Two months after that the crop is ready to be gathered.
  • Two months after this he entered his 100th year.
  • Condorcet went to visit him some months after his fall.
  • He only lived eighteen months after his arrival.
  • He had died about six months after the tragedy.
  • She died about six months after my return.
  • Six months after, she had learned by experience.
  • I met him about two months after his great step.
  • That was six months after you went off, Ned.
  • Not many months after I took up my residence on Wm.
  • Six months after my arrival in Paris, Mlle.
  • She died three months after she was married," "Ah!
  • Six months after their marriage, Don Juan suddenly died.
  • Three months after she was pocketing a very handsome income.
  • This was written a few months after the publication of the work.
  • How many of them thought that six months after they were married?
  • In a few months after this proof of true love they were married.
  • Their commission was to end twelve months after the erection of the church.
  • Three months after filling the trench it should be opened at the side or end.
  • Six months after her father's death we were to be married.
  • A few months after their return her mother died and her home was given up.
  • She just pined off and died five months after the baby came.
  • It got him ten months after it ought to have had him, but not too late.
  • A few months after it is difficult to procure even a handful of dried fruit.
  • A few months after his going out of prison, he had a violent fever.
  • About four months after the marriage a poor woman came to the village.
  • The child was born some months after its father's death.
  • I signed up for copies and received them several months after returning home.
  • A few months after she became one of the king's wives.
  • Her feelings at the time, and for months after, were complex.
  • This time a year ago he had lain so, and for many months after that.
  • She gave him the money, and for months after never saw his face.

How To Use Months After In A Sentence?

  • Many women have a tendency to constipation for weeks or months after childbirth.
  • Gladys had had a baby a few months after her marriage, and she had had two more since.
  • I will not accept a challenge, and months after not carry out my acceptance.
  • Two months after the day on which he had ordered his broker to sell the 500 shares at 40s.
  • The giving up of the colony did not take place till six months after our shipwreck.
  • It was about three months after these terrible occurrences that she gave birth to a male child.
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