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  • Rubens had died but a few months before.
  • You have eight months before you.
  • This was dated three months before.
  • I was free months before that time.
  • This they were aware of for months before the strike.
  • Ramon might have yielded to it a few months before.
  • This happened twelve months before.
  • It was months before he was able to attend court.
  • A whole two months before we expected him!
  • It was two months before his back and shoulders healed up.
  • Fredrik waited nearly six months before making his reply.
  • And he was as real to me all those months before!...
  • It was two months before the bull-fighter grew strong.
  • But it may be months before I send it.
  • And it was years, rather than months, before he came back.
  • It was two months before Madeleine saw him again.
  • John had come to Rosebank only six months before.
  • It was to be some months before he saw service with Blair.
  • It was many months before Donald came to the farm.
  • I had chosen my wife months before I saw her.
  • Three months before the murder, Couillard lost his key.
  • Twill, I fear, be many months before it is staged.
  • So it was six months before I saw Perry again.
  • It was three months before Casim Ammeh left Paris.
  • They had moved into the neighborhood about six months before.
  • But otherwise what a change from the youth of three months before!
  • The loan had been promised me by the banks many months before.
  • The preparations in the city began some months before the feast.
  • The men take months before making up their minds to do anything.
  • It was six months before he could induce himself to touch his work again.
  • The appointment came six months before the time that was named.
  • Probably be months before you're able to go outside.
  • Six months before she could not have done so good a piece of acting.
  • The requisition el capitan showed was made out months before the battle.
  • It was several months before his hard head adjusted itself to the new name.
  • He replied that he had, three months before he made his confession.
  • He went to bed, and it was three months before he was up and around again.
  • It might be two months before replies would come from those ministers.
  • It required long months before he could settle down to that life of loneliness.

How To Use Months Before In A Sentence?

  • They had not been there eighteen months before the mother sickened and died horribly of cancer.
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