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  • I was only two months old at this time.
  • He baptized you before you were two months old.
  • The child was then two months old.
  • But he died of distemper when he was eleven months old.
  • At this time he was not yet sixteen months old.
  • Unfortunately, that backup is a few months old.
  • Moral advancement of a baby five months old!
  • She was twenty-four years and five months old.
  • I am forty-five years and three months old.
  • At this time he was only eight years and seven months old.
  • He was twenty-two years and four months old.
  • A pig should reach his market before he is nine months old.
  • When the dauphin died he was ten years and two months old.
  • It was a baby prisoner, six months old.
  • They had a child, a boy about ten months old.
  • At the time of writing, the child was four months old.
  • Willie is a bonnie lad now, nearly eighteen months old.
  • To infants over nine months old, orange juice may be given.
  • Came to Calif, when a few months old.
  • My brother Henry was six months old at that time.
  • Sanger" is now nine months old.
  • In the summer they usually had fifteen or twenty calves a few months old.
  • She was a queen when only a few months old; but she was also an orphan.
  • The child was nearly eight months old, and she did not know it again.
  • When over nine months old, it's fine for grating.
  • The young hog is undoubtedly at his best from eight to nine months old.
  • She saved her little son of six months old by saying he was a girl.
  • It will leap 30 feet at one jump notwithstanding it is but 3 months old.
  • One was a six-months-old tax-receipt, the other a laundry bill.
  • She is two years and three months old, and is the sweetest little girl.
  • Our baby is now six months old; he weighed twelve pounds when he was born.
  • Heifers when kept under blue glass may safely bear young when 18 months old.
  • I was ten years an' six months old when de war come up.

How To Use Months Old In A Sentence?

  • Like hundreds of others, it died when only a few months old and left them desolate.
  • The adult crocodiles continue to guard the young until they are about 5-7 months old.
  • The daughter was but three months old and was happy in a big clothes-basket for a cradle.
  • In cities, it is important that every infant should be vaccinated before it is six months old.
  • These children are from three months old and upwards, and all bereaved of both parents by death.
  • To be a bright baby, it must fall out of the crib before it is eleven months old.
  • They are best from three to four months old, and are only eaten while they live on milk.
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