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  • Yet before we can make use of the monumental testimony we should be sure of its exact meaning.
  • To her the calm placidity of the man was nothing less than monumental impudence.
  • It is illustrated in almost every work on monumental brasses as a notable example.
  • British performances in respect to the cash sinews of war have truly been on a monumental scale.
  • Figure sculpture, then, is only considered when strictly of a monumental character.
  • He had already derived much hope from the monumental work of Meyers and his school.
  • The floor is paved with monumental slabs, and among the graves are those of several Europeans.
  • By a double door with monumental ironwork, set in a wall as thick as a bastille, Mme.
  • But humble virtue, stealing to the dust, Heeds not our lays, or monumental bust.
  • Within the portal-vestibule rises a monumental stairway which must have been the inspiration of many a builder of modern opera-houses.
  • His heart sank like lead, and the task he had set for himself of a sudden assumed monumental proportions.
  • This interesting monumental effigy is carved in a common kind of stone, called by the masons fire-stone.
  • It is well known that between the sixth and the tenth dynasties a great gap exists, so far as monumental remains are concerned.
  • He would declare the gold to be wasted, were it to remain in the monumental form, and would say it ought to be employed.
  • Then a monumental figure, with a clean turban coiled about his head, strode austerely into the circle of yellow light.
  • It is probable that some foreigner residing at Ava suggested the idea of giving such an unusual form to that monumental bell.
  • There is the French monumental style, which consists in erecting very pompous statues, very well done.
  • The pages dealing with the monumental remains were edited in great part by Professor Ebers.
  • The fa├žades of these temples were, however, as richly decorated and as monumental in their way as those of the most sumptuous buildings in Thebes.
  • In an ancient and adjacent cemetery there are several monumental stone rams, very much like the stone lions of the Bakhtiari country.
  • Of the figures in the northernmost group of monumental effigies in the Temple Church, only two are cross-legged.
  • Within, the shop is crammed with lamps, jardinieres, and monumental marbles, all relieved by bronzes, gold, and exotics.
  • Those, therefore, who suppose that the monumental effigies of the Marshall originally stood in the eastern part of the building, are mistaken.
  • And there is the English monumental method, the great English way with statues, which consists in not erecting them at all.
  • It was the custom on the death of distinguished personages to paint on their monumental posts a record of important events relating to the history of the deceased person.
  • It was evidently a part of the scheme that all should derive from a common stock, so that the feeling of brotherhood and common property should be preserved in this monumental fashion.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Monumental | Monumental Sentence

  • When she stood still, they were as monumental as herself.
  • Esculptura monumental no seculo XI.
  • Baltimore, the Monumental City.
  • Fall, monumental pillars, fall, Upon her grave!
  • A third monumental inscription to the memory of James II.
  • The Monumental Brasses of Lancashire and Cheshire.
  • These occur only in quotations from monumental inscriptions.
  • Posterity will think we cut pretty figures indeed in the monumental line!
  • The great bed shook as the monumental money-lender suppressed a chuckle.
  • Even then the monumental completeness of the "Amenophium" had vanished.
  • The monumental masonry by Portland Road failed to uplift him.
  • A esculptura monumental no seculo XV caminha cada vez mais para o affectado.
  • All kinds of Granite and other Monumental and Tomb Work executed.
  • Note also the monumental effigies in N. transept to Sir John Garrard, Bart.

Definition of Monumental

In the manner of a monument. | Large, grand and imposing. | Taking a great amount of time and effort to complete.
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