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  • Note monuments and handsome reredos.
  • Of the old monuments only about eighteen are left.
  • Ses monuments et leur spoliation.
  • Two other monuments by Flaxman deserve notice.
  • The gods, in fact, of the earliest monuments were beasts.
  • Of its outward magnificence the monuments furnish ample proof.
  • And so these monuments to physical death are found everywhere in the valleys.
  • The formulae are more explicit, but the religious monuments rare.
  • The great gods of Egypt are designated on the monuments in three ways.
  • The short inscriptions on the simple monuments are in both French and German.
  • We must now say a word concerning the ancient monuments in the Temple Church.
  • Beneath White monuments he hath the lords entombed At Saint-Romain.

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  • He forsook the monuments and turned his skill to the fortification of the city.
  • He then passes on to the deanery, the episcopal palace, and the monuments in the church.
  • How different, thought I, was the position assigned to the colored man on similar monuments in the United States.
  • Facing east by the archbishop's throne we see the monuments of six archbishops.
  • I entered a cemetery near one of these churches and enjoyed looking at the beautiful monuments and vaults.
  • We viewed the monuments and tombs of the departed, and then spent an hour before the great north window.
  • Her face was as still and cold-looking as some of the figures on the monuments in the little village church, and her voice stern and peremptory.
  • Besides two of the thirteenth-century effigies of earlier bishops, there are in this aisle two ancient monuments of great interest.
  • One cannot behold these architectural monuments without thinking of the great men that Ireland has produced.
  • L'autre musée, celui des monuments français, est un admirable trésor archéologique.
  • There are several interesting monuments and brasses in the church, especially those to the Springett family.
  • Many other monuments of ancient and modern date that concern forgotten celebrities, or are of purely local interest, cannot be catalogued.
  • Les monuments des arts n'auraient peut-être jamais dû entrer dans le domaine de la conquête.
  • It seems incredible that no monuments to the memory of departed Godolphins ever marked the site of their last resting-place.
  • It gives in the compass of one volume an account of the History of those beautiful monuments of former days ...
  • I never look upon these monuments of education, without a feeling of regret, that so few of our own race can find a place within their walls.
  • There are several interesting monuments including two altar tombs in the Burrell chantry with fine fifteenth century brasses.
  • The folk-beliefs attached to the megalithic monuments of Brittany are numerous, but nearly all of them bear a strong resemblance to each other.
  • The city, probably, owes these varied monuments to its merits, as a strong, as well as a beautiful position.
  • Like the nains, these smaller beings inhabit abandoned Druidical monuments or dwell beneath the foundations of ancient castles.
  • The British government explained that the line was only tentative and the monuments set up by Schomburgk were removed.
  • From these and from the records on the monuments of Egypt historical information has been derived of inestimable value in the study of the Bible.
  • Striking architectural details are also plentiful with, in addition, some remarkable monuments of Knights Templars with triangular shields.
  • Name given to the megalithic monuments by the Bretons, 48, 49 GUEMENE.
  • Vous connaissez, par la peinture, la gravure et la photographie, tous les monuments de l'Italie.
  • Mountains of sand marked the spots where they had been entombed, with no other monuments save here and there part of the body of a man or beast not yet covered by the desert wave.
  • Westbourne, one mile north of Emsworth, has a fine Transitional church with a large number of monuments and an imposing avenue of yews.
  • On the south side of the nave is the entrance to the irregularly built cloisters; here are several monuments and a good view of the interesting details of the exterior of the cathedral.

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plural of monument
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