Mooring In A Sentence

Definition of Mooring

present participle of moor | A place to moor a vessel. | The act of securing a vessel with a cable or anchor etc.

How To Use Mooring In A Sentence?

  • Without his permission not one of them could tie up to a mooring in the harbor.
  • Supposing I were in all secretness to cut the hawser mooring one of those ships?
  • The mooring places at Brundall and Coldham Hall are not many, as the banks are very shoal.
  • Once he got his feet down on an outcropping but dared not brace himself there for fear of loosening his rope from its unsteady mooring above.
  • The captain grinned as he overheard the remark where he waited by the starboard rail for the last of the mooring lines to be made fast.
  • We knotted together every line we had, and in the middle we had a length of mooring chain that would stick to the bottom.
  • The first thing we did after mooring the ship, was to unbend all the sails; there not being one but what wanted repair.
  • He was not looking up, but clinging to a rope stretched for purposes of mooring from the tower to a sunken rock forty feet away.
  • Instead of warding off the mooring wire of an anchored mine, that jagged projection would foul it, for a moral cert.
  • A mooring buoy floated in the channel; and across the channel lay a waste of sand, dotted with shallow pools.
  • With a slight, almost imperceptible shock, one of the protective girders encircling the submarine engaged the mooring chain of the hulk.
  • The shore above the Ferry on the same side is suitable for mooring yachts to, as there is a fair depth of water close to the bank.
  • With a little more work we might have got quite clear the same evening, but I left her as she was to avoid the trouble of mooring her.
  • It being too late in the day to land, for mooring and "snugging down" had taken up a considerable time, all hands were allowed to stand easy.
  • This satisfied us very well, and, mooring the ship, we stayed some days, trading with the negroes for rice and hens and bananas.
  • I think the rapidly rising river must have upset all calculations as to mooring boats at this point and their owners were making sure that they were secure.
  • I took the long lines, which I used as mooring ropes, and tied them together, making a cord at least a hundred feet in length.
  • At one the next morning the mooring was cut, and the ship being got under way, was worked on short tacks to windward, in the supposed direction of the boats.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Mooring | Mooring Sentence

  • The mooring was cast off.
  • Yes, I relied on your finding and mooring her properly.
  • I'll pay out the mooring cable.
  • The hawser arm's right in our mooring holes.
  • The warping in, and mooring the ships, took up the whole day.
  • South Carolina was the mooring ground in which it found the surest hold.
  • One of the yard hands threw off the mooring rope and Bob took the wheel.

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