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  • The streets hereabouts were nearly a morass and all but impassable.
  • He had dragged the prisoner out of his morass by sheer titanic effort.
  • McHale relapsed once more into a morass of sleep and tobacco.
  • Caught in a Morass 90 IX.
  • The trail dipped through a precipitous morass to the river's brink.
  • A morass of evil repute, 102-103; a story of, 103-105 YORK.

How To Use Morass In A Sentence?

  • They were in the middle of a vast morass that stretched on each side of the trail.
  • The sanded floor was kicked into a muddy morass not unlike the surface of the pavement.
  • In an hour she was on her palfrey and off to see him, falling into a morass on the way.
  • He was calling cheerful words of hope across the quaking morass of sand that separated them.
  • Ladysmith streets were ankle deep in half an hour; the camps were morass and pond.
  • Under cover of this the Highlanders passed the morass in the one fordable place.
  • He had a deep river in front, a morass on his left, and the narrow bridge of Slane on his right.
  • A rope was passed about the waist of the guardian despite her protests that the others should be gotten out of the morass first.
  • He must be a man who by his serious demeanour will impress the children and lead them out of the morass of original sin in which they were born.
  • The banks on the other side were rugged and precipitous, and he was obliged to push on in the morass that the stream wound through.
  • It seems that these boys passed through here yesterday, and two of them got into the morass in broad daylight.
  • They were glad when the eerie influence was passed, though they traversed a morass to get away from it.
  • Only the flag at the masthead was now visible; and an impassable morass separated the force from the river bank.
  • The trail led by morass and fallen timber, and it was the season of stinging gnats and breathless days.
  • The marshy coast abounds with harmless snakes, but these gruesome inmates of the tropical morass seldom leave their hiding-places before sunset.
  • We had stoned the pony till he had got beyond us in the morass (small thanks to us if the dame knew it).
  • Back into thicknesses of morass such as Peggy had never seen before they went, speaking only when necessary and then in the lowest of tones.
  • Thy gold has become tarnished in the morass of unchastity, for thou art become degenerate, and art lacking in true love.
  • The morass itself is so deep, that, according to an old historian, two spears tied together would not reach the bottom.
  • They halted at length on the edge of the deep morass of Grona, in full view of the opposing army on the other side.
  • I had paid pretty dearly for my booty, all spent and dripping with perspiration as I was from plodding through that bottomless morass of snow.
  • Europe is sinking into the morass of despair because across their frontiers a dozen nations drilled and armed are watching each other with sullen eyes.
  • Case 33 does not explain but draws me into a morass of moral indignation because America protested against trade interference and not against atrocities.
  • In a couple of hours we were sliding and bumping down grade through an oozy morass over tracks ballasted with something having the consistency of oatmeal mush liberally diluted with skim milk.
  • But the driver was not equal to the task, as he urged his steeds over the morass through which the four slow old hacks dragged the rickety vehicle with its broken-down wheel.
  • To cross this unexpected morass was impracticable; and it extended so far, both to the right and left, that he could not attempt to make the circuit of either extremity.
  • From its base could be traced clear to the edge of the dank morass tiny lines of comminuted shell as plainly marked as the small particles which lie in rows on a beech after a receding tide.

Definition of Morass

A tract of soft, wet ground; a marsh; a fen. | (figuratively) Anything that entraps or makes progress difficult.
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