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  • Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that they are unmoral rather than immoral.
  • Perhaps it is more accurate to say that our ignorance is the logical result of our indifference.
  • Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that he never sought to free himself from it.
  • The official estimate of land and buildings is likely to be more accurate than the rest.
  • It were more accurate to say that divination is the answer to, rather than a form of prayer.
  • This is much more accurate than a magnetic compass, and it keeps the ship on its course.
  • The result of the synthesis is standardized, and used until a more accurate standard displaces it.
  • To make her directions more accurate, she went to the steps and nodded at the hall-way.
  • No doubt a photographic method would give more accurate results, but would take too long.
  • Whenever thought becomes more accurate, a (relatively) technical vocabulary grows up.
  • But in the case of contradiction between two reports, more accurate report I have not.
  • Perhaps he should not apply the term "fool"; "unfortunate" might be the more accurate application.
  • The latter I subsequently found better and far more accurate than any obtainable in England.
  • To be more accurate and practical, Thady Shea, having slept lightly while riding, was weary.
  • But small as it is it can be eliminated by adopting more accurate methods of transferring the votes.
  • His calculations could not have been more accurate, for she was in front of the store when he came out.
  • It will perhaps render our thinking more accurate if we attempt to get a clear idea just here as to what consciousness is and what it is not.
  • These strips of feathers are supposed to aid in the more accurate flight of the arrow when shot from the bow.
  • Scales are a desirable article in every kitchen, as weighing is much more accurate than the ordinary measuring.
  • The more accurate the method chosen and the greater the skill with which the experiment is carried out, the more accurate will be the results.
  • Thanks to modern scientific methods, the map is now much more accurate than the one handed over to us.
  • The report of one mind is no more divine than that of another, and no more to be trusted, only as it is more accurate.
  • Afterward, when he groped through his vocabulary for a more accurate description, he could not find one.
  • No author has yet shown a better-considered and more accurate appreciation of the benefits to different communities of federal union.
  • It also is the cheapest, quickest and more accurate method of recording indisputable time study records.
  • Much better than bells, really much more accurate as an expression of one's feelings.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For More Accurate | More Accurate Sentence

  • Ripont seems more accurate.
  • Nothing could be more accurate.
  • A more accurate method is the following.
  • Quicker and more accurate decisions 5.
  • To be more accurate, a lioness.
  • The demand for the more accurate instruments can now be met.
  • Serpentine" would be far more accurate.
  • A more accurate adjustment of the rules of premium to the several ages.
  • A more accurate adjustment of the rates of premium to the several ages.
  • This will insure more accurate work than if the rule be changed several times.
  • No man could have formed a more accurate estimate of their respective merits.
  • You keep a list; but a more accurate list has been kept than yours.
  • The first edition is more accurate (for this text) than the second.
  • F., I believe them to be much more accurate, although less convenient.
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