More Attention In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For More Attention | More Attention Sentence

  • Perhaps it should have more attention.
  • Aleck got no more attention from them.
  • Laura regarded him with more attention.
  • It needed more attention than the girl.
  • Pilgrim still attracts more attention than her passengers.
  • More attention was also paid to the breeding department.
  • Maria, sitting there, paid no more attention.
  • It, therefore, deserves the more attention.
  • I began, at leisure, to survey him with more attention.
  • Dave wasted no more attention on Blair.
  • But Clif paid no more attention to the Spaniard.
  • More and more attention is being paid to the surroundings of the buildings.
  • The other boys were giving more attention to their fishing again.
  • So they could give more attention to the obstacles above ground.
  • The baby wanted more and more attention as the days went by.
  • The virtue that is not automatic requires more attention than it is worth.
  • They paid no more attention to us than to the stones of the roadway.
  • The baby too fretted and required more attention than usual.
  • Watson instructed to give more attention to the feeding of patients.
  • I shall give more attention to this theory in the next chapter.
  • A little more attention brought more and more numerous objects into view.
  • The merchants gave their negro patrons more attention and consideration.
  • At first more attention is paid to the cultivation of the body than the mind.
  • In the case of rich and important men more attention is naturally bestowed.
  • Another note was received, and met with no more attention than the former.
  • The navy naturally paid more attention than the army to fighting in the air.
  • The older men at one side give more attention to the arrival.
  • I like it not, but anything in the mode commands more attention.

How To Use More Attention In A Sentence?

  • Recent centuries have paid more attention to living things than to any other objects in nature.
  • The strong characteristics of odours need more attention than novelists give them.
  • It might well demand more attention at our hands than we have space to give it here.
  • No woman is entitled to any more attention than her loveliness and ladylike conduct will command.
  • Marjorie did, and lavished more attention on him defiantly to try to make up for it.
  • Our houses are constructed with far more attention to ventilation and proper heating.
  • A little more attention to the translation of the 3rd and 6th verses of chapter xiii.
  • As it was, the coming of a bridal pair themselves could not have attracted more attention.
  • It is because more attention is then paid to art than to eloquence, which is no great eulogium.
  • She was attracting far more attention than the simply dressed lady from the upper world.
  • Not wishing to draw more attention to them than was proper, she was obliged to leave them alone.
  • He looked up at us with an air of concentration; he paid no more attention to the rope.
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