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  • Schoolbooks were more common than any others in the scanty libraries of the pioneers.
  • Nothing is more common than to hear believers complaining that they do not get on.
  • This practice was at first more common in the colonies than in the metropolitan cities.
  • Persistent sciaticas of this kind and lumbagoes are much more common than they are thought.
  • The secondary and tertiary ossifications are progressively more common in older voles.
  • There were none of the small deer up there; they are more common about the settlements.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For More Common | More Common Sentence

  • Strangers were evidently more common.
  • The accusative is more common.
  • It is more common than the robin.
  • It was more common than any other metal.
  • Hosses is considerable more common in these parts.
  • Tempest has got a more common one.
  • The former is by far the more common.
  • Gave you credit for more common sense.
  • The power-looms are becoming more common.
  • Figure 32 illustrates a type which is more common.
  • Those who pretend they want to know are more common.
  • Of these voluntary winding-up is by far the more common.
  • Such injuries were more common on toes of the hind foot.
  • They are more common in adolescent and early adult life.
  • The more common white coral is similarly produced.
  • But the worse and more common coyote is the mongrel hound.
  • It would have been, if prams had been more common.
  • Pressures of 100,000 volts are becoming more common.
  • Why is not the Canna far more common in all our gardens?
  • She had more common-sense even than I.
  • Yet nothing is more common to be met with than this absurdity.
  • There is nothing more common throughout our ranks than!
  • A more common amusement is marching to the music of the piano.
  • The disease is more common in individuals of light complexion.
  • Indians declare that in their youth dances were much more common.
  • But cases of repressed hope are much more common than they should be.
  • Cases of especial personal benevolence are still more common.
  • In this list the more common of the elements are marked with an asterisk.
  • The disease is not more common to-day than it was in any former year.
  • Larch is more common on the north-west coast than on the south-east.
  • The one last described is now much the more common of the two.
  • Examples of graphic art seem to be more common than those of plastic art.
  • I think we have a great deal more common sense in our love-affairs.
  • It is seen at all ages, but is much more common in children.
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