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  • He was more concerned for his companions than for himself.
  • May we be more concerned to do right than not to do wrong.
  • Forster, however, was more concerned with his own status.
  • He was more concerned about the automobile accident than about her ancestors.
  • Archie was scarcely more concerned with mental complexities.
  • The strange details of the raid left me more concerned than ever.
  • Right now I'm more concerned over another matter.

How To Use More Concerned In A Sentence?

  • But they were more concerned with the clothes in the wardrobe of art than in its body.
  • At this stage in the proceedings he was more concerned about silence and safety than speed.
  • He was thoroughly unselfish, and was always more concerned about others than himself.
  • Besides he is more concerned with the legal than with the theological aspect of the Inquisition.
  • We are more concerned, however, to point out the positive results of the method.
  • Parents I meet who are more concerned about clubs than about either scholarship or deportment.
  • Now that I am returned and find myself a fugitive, I am not a whit more concerned with them.
  • But now I am more concerned lest I have prejudiced you against Him by whom alone we all are saved.
  • Individual captains were more concerned about their own prerogatives than about the success of the whole.
  • Rightly and naturally both of these denominations are more concerned for the moment with measures for union within their own borders.
  • He is more concerned regarding their escape from the threatening doom that seems ready to ingulf them.
  • As her nearest and dearest possession, she was more concerned with his brave appearance than she was with her own.
  • She understood the complexion, and she was more concerned with the details of the work than with anything else.
  • Women being no longer dependent on men, people will be no more concerned about the private life of an unmarried man.
  • I could not be sure which he was, but everyone in sight looked no more concerned than if they had been steaming out for target practice.
  • It is one of the great problems of egoism, which is more concerned with mastery than with truth or common-sense or gentleness.
  • My father had a very high sense of honor and was always more concerned in maintaining it beyond possible reproach than in making money.
  • The outer world was more concerned with the fact that the sun could be made to shine upon canvas than with the way in which it was brought about.
  • They were a good deal more concerned about something to eat, and when their mother came they reminded her by a low peep that they were still there.
  • It is, therefore, more deeply engaged with the environment, as type is more concerned with the man in himself.
  • His speech, that in his intervals of consciousness had heretofore dealt with events of the past, was now more concerned with recent happenings.
  • The Babylonian astrologers in their official documents were more concerned regarding international omens than those which affected individuals.
  • But the Church seems more concerned about dealing out soothing syrup to its soporific members than about wakening the dead.
  • I don't pretend he's my ideal, but he's more concerned about my future than he is about anybody else's.
  • The Democratic party, of which he was the leader, was vastly more concerned with agricultural than with commercial interests.
  • Grace was a trifle startled, as well as more concerned than she would have admitted, and had Ingleby been looking at her he might have seen this.
  • Leviatt had been more concerned over the stray-man's apparent success in courting Mary Radford.
  • Had he been less interested in Elsa and more concerned about his rehabilitation, self-analysis would have astonished Warrington.
  • I must confess, I was never more concerned in my life, giving myself and all that I had over for lost.
  • Men are more concerned with the practical basis of morality than with its sentiment, and with the pecuniary aspects of domestic life than with its physical and mental suffering.
  • But then she is more concerned getting ready to be married, I reckon," said Hattie.
  • During this time he was profoundly interested in religious matters, attending many revivals and becoming more and more concerned with moral and social problems.
  • Motivated by the presence of men at the seashore and by the competition with other women for masculine attention, ladies were more concerned with the style of their bathing dresses and appropriate trimmings.
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