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  • Nothing can be more dangerous.
  • Froude is much more dangerous.
  • He had become more dangerous.
  • The other proved more dangerous.
  • Nothing can be more dangerous than such an impression.
  • Tone was far more dangerous.
  • Jenneral its more dangerous congener.
  • They are the more dangerous because insidious.
  • The position was growing more dangerous.
  • There was one more dangerous than the rest.
  • That of the second is much more dangerous.
  • No error is deeper and more dangerous.
  • But he was never more dangerous than when he was trapped.
  • Nothing is more dangerous in these desolate latitudes.
  • There is nothing more dangerous than women.
  • We are getting into more dangerous water evidently.
  • If he is married, he is all the more dangerous.
  • They also trespassed on more dangerous ground.
  • And the more frightened, the more dangerous.
  • She now began to find more dangerous enemies.
  • It is still more dangerous to leave him ignorant of both.
  • No one could be more dangerous if she chose.
  • A more dangerous undertaking could not be easily imagined.
  • Here a new and yet more dangerous task awaits him.
  • The smile becomes more dangerous on the faces of the men.
  • Every day he remained the situation became more dangerous.
  • The higher the voltage, the more dangerous the current.
  • Esther seemed more dangerous than ever, bearing gifts.
  • Arianism had an enemy more dangerous than Lucifer.
  • It is more dangerous than brandy, bronchitis, or pleurisy!
  • The second Greek looked more dangerous.
  • Ton-hausen is a more dangerous person than Lord Biddulph.
  • Perhaps I have more dangerous foes nearer at hand, Jack.
  • But she was all the more dangerous because her heart was pure.
  • Other more numerous and more dangerous difficulties were now to be encountered.

How To Use More Dangerous In A Sentence?

  • But far more dangerous than the pickpockets are the housebreakers.
  • Corrosive sublimate is much more powerful and more dangerous.
  • Nothing more dangerous was found about him than a packet of snuff.
  • Evidently the situation was far more dangerous than he had suspected!
  • He was intoxicated with himself, and few draughts are more dangerous.
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