More Important In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For More Important | More Important Sentence

  • This was more important.
  • This is even more important!
  • There is nothing more important.
  • In reality they are more important.
  • She had more important things to do.
  • Aim is more important than elevation.
  • That other need was more important.
  • His work was even more important now.
  • That was much more important than clothes.
  • I have other and more important business in hand.
  • What military requisite is more important?
  • For the beginning is much more important.
  • There are other things more important than my health.
  • The next interruption is more important.
  • A few of the more important may be mentioned.
  • It may be something more important.
  • She had come on more important business.
  • Wakefield was formerly the more important town.
  • But there are more important things to decide.
  • The second point is more important.
  • One cannot tell what service is more important.
  • Helped you at the expense of more important work.
  • This is even more important than food.
  • There is one more important point.
  • We have more important matters to attend to.
  • He had more important things to think about.
  • I brought out the same idea on a more important occasion.
  • Much more important is that you look perfectly exquisite.
  • This law is perhaps more important than it seems.
  • This is much more important than with clean things.
  • I have something far more important to think of.
  • Vitally, and vastly more important!
  • But a still more important distinction now awaited him.
  • There are few more important questions for us to answer.
  • But there is a still more important fact to notice.

How To Use More Important In A Sentence?

  • You got something else more important to do.
  • This is much more important than with clean things.
  • My mind was busy with more important things.
  • But the men are much more important than the money.
  • It proved even more important than the first!
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