More Interested In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For More Interested | More Interested Sentence

  • It became more and more interested.
  • I am far more interested in you.
  • Lois was more interested than ever now.
  • He became more interested.
  • Then the girls were more interested.
  • More interested than you can imagine.
  • You may be more interested.
  • She had always been more interested by other things.
  • Dave became more interested than ever.
  • I am much more interested about his sister.
  • They were more interested in the fishing with cormorants.
  • The woman became more interested.
  • The purser was more interested than ever.
  • There are three others still more interested.
  • I wish you would be more interested in people.
  • Melian listened, and grew more and more interested.
  • She was a little annoyed too, but she was more interested.
  • I never talked to a more interested audience in my life!
  • Henty grew more and more interested, not to say excited.
  • Thou must be more interested in John.
  • Mitch got more and more interested and I did too.
  • But Henry was more interested in marks of another sort.
  • Miss Ashwell seemed even more interested than usual.
  • In the second leaping flame Peter was far more interested.
  • Mr. DeVere grew more and more interested.
  • But she was more interested in the things which had belonged to him.
  • Many are much more interested in their rights than in their duties.
  • He was no more interested in business matters when he got back.
  • Toward the close of the story she grew more interested and excited.
  • Rose, who was more interested in her meals than in her lover.
  • He personally was more interested in the syndicating of foreign external loans.
  • She was, in fact, more interested than she had been in anything for some time.

How To Use More Interested In A Sentence?

  • He became once more interested in the manner in which he was accustomed to be interested.
  • But this is left for some one more competent and more interested than the author.
  • We were more interested in just standing around and watching the planes go over.
  • I am more interested in helping the ascent of the soul than in accounting for its origin.
  • I think people are more interested in their privileges and rights than they are in their duties.
  • He was more interested in leaving a stainless name behind him than a pot of money.
  • But in any event the old man would be much more interested in thinking it was you.
  • He was more interested in the dress than in the man, examining it very carefully with his lens.
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