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How To Use More Recently In A Sentence?

  • More recently there had been another reason for such a strange fashion of burial.
  • More recently, however, the tendency in certain quarters has been diametrically the opposite.
  • More recently and at the present time this locality is in possession of Shoshonean tribes.
  • The tribe included three bands, two of which may be rather old; the third more recently created.
  • He knew the man more recently arrived west of the Pecos, possibly later to prove a backslider.
  • Timothy Fuller, formerly a lawyer of Boston, but more recently a resident of Cambridge.
  • Repeatedly in the past and more recently we have dealt with the distinction between the ego instincts and the sexual instincts.
  • More recently the work has frequently been carried on by the county commissioner of schools directly.
  • On the reverse are three longitudinal incisions apparently more recently made, and eleven notches on each side edge.
  • Another road, planted in a similar manner, has more recently been carried round the outside of the present walls of the city.
  • More recently owned by the Hinman family and then Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Smith (now both deceased).
  • More recently there is announced a new packing case which is stated to be made from low-grade rubbers, but information is rather vague.
  • The black moor has been torn into pits and covered with mounds by the tin-streamers in early days, and more recently by the copper-miners.
  • The earlier volumes are out of print, and a new book could contain the best of them, as well as what has appeared more recently.
  • More recently it has had its own reigning lords, and one of the least of them was the Scottish nobleman who sold it for gold in 1765.
  • It suffered from the ravages of war between the Turks and Venetians, and also more recently in our own time.
  • Grove was sexton of the more recently built church on the mountain road near Mr. Hutchinson's.
  • The +seistron+, or 'timbrel,' was peculiar to the service of Isis, which had been imported more recently.
  • Still more recently, however, experiments have been made to grow Egyptian cotton in Sind with the help of irrigation.
  • More recently Troeltsch, writing as a Protestant, has emphasised the institutional side of religion in the most uncompromising way.
  • Kiangan was celebrated in Spanish times, and even more recently, as the home of some of the most desperate head-hunters of the Archipelago.
  • A catalogue of it was published by David Irving in 1831, and more recently in seven quarto volumes, 1867 to 1879.
  • The fat, as prepared by natives, has been examined by Lewkowitsch, and more recently Edie has published the results of an analysis.
  • The most ancient part of the building is called the "White Tower," so as to distinguish it from the parts more recently built.
  • He blamed himself at the moment for not having had his hair cut more recently, for he knew that it stood in a wild shock above his head, and he felt that it dangled in his eyes.
  • They live in the different sections of the city, in crowded tenement districts, or in more recently developed neighborhoods for whose growth they are responsible.
  • The rate of expansion of vitreous silica has been studied by H. le Chatelier, and more recently by Callendar.
  • But after a few weeks, during which he conducted himself like a decent lunatic, it was decided to baptise him along with a dozen other pretty hard cases who had been converted more recently.
  • Early in the winter Mr. Lincoln had seen that all such matters were settled, and of this bill, more recently made, he knew nothing.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For More Recently | More Recently Sentence

  • More recently he had called me other names.
  • Tommy did not say, but it was more recently than that.
  • A strangely similar case happened more recently.
  • More recently the publication of fiction has been exceptional.
  • It also includes those churches which have been more recently added.
  • More recently they have been divided and embodied in separate arguments.
  • More recently I published a dream which corresponded to a confession.
  • More recently ST.
  • More recently its claim to be called "Constantinopolitan" has been challenged.
  • More recently, MM.
  • More recently I was asked by a Bostonian if I had ever heard of Paul Revere.
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