More Serious In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For More Serious | More Serious Sentence

  • It looked more serious.
  • Betty looked more serious.
  • The case is more serious.
  • These were far more serious.
  • This time his tone was more serious.
  • Dave began to look more serious.
  • Then happened a more serious affair.
  • A more serious event was to follow.
  • Her face grew more serious.
  • Perhaps she had more serious reasons for uneasiness.
  • The second is more serious than the first.
  • This must be something more serious.
  • More serious was his attempt at painting.
  • This is incomparably more serious than chancroid.
  • The second matter was more serious.
  • The other drawback was still more serious.
  • The effect was more serious than he expected.
  • But there was more serious business at hand.
  • I never was more serious in my life.
  • The position is far more serious.
  • More serious means were tried.
  • The other reprimand was upon a more serious subject.
  • But the cost of maintenance was a more serious matter.
  • The consequence will be far more serious yet.
  • There is a spectre of heredity of a more serious nature.
  • But he was presently engaged in a more serious quarrel.
  • The bigger outbreak was not a bit more serious.
  • This gave him food for more serious thought.
  • But what was far more serious was the shortage of brodium.
  • I never was more serious or more sober in my life.
  • Some more serious motive is at the bottom of this murder.
  • I did not yet know of a more serious obstacle.
  • Graves turns to a fresh and more serious simplicity.
  • This made the case considerably more serious.
  • Should the matter be more serious, wire me at once.

How To Use More Serious In A Sentence?

  • Far more serious matters claim our attention first.
  • And a man was never confronted with a more serious problem.
  • The situation was now growing more serious every moment.
  • His apprehensions found something far more serious.
  • My telepathic power is reserved for more serious purposes.
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