More Years In A Sentence

How To Use More Years In A Sentence?

  • These instants added more years to him than as many months that had gone before.
  • Nearly three more years passed, and the founding of a confederacy was still delayed.
  • The boy was only just nineteen, and that gave him two more years before he was twenty-one.
  • His remuneration was twelve shillings a week, and on this he lived for two or more years.
  • Here the rotation is grass two or more years, then a cleansing crop and a grain crop.
  • The assiente agreement, which had been found so profitable, was continued for four more years.
  • Twenty and more years ago there was a class of match-making on the Thames which is now obsolete.
  • Having known more years, I am taught to let people look out for themselves very much.
  • The sea is to my liking, I am still young, and can afford a few more years on the water.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For More Years | More Years Sentence

  • Madeleine has two more years here.
  • Four more years went by.
  • And more years rolled on.
  • Two more years went by.
  • Once more years spun away from him.
  • A few more years of recuperation were needed.
  • Two more years of adversity went by.
  • And while he did so three more years passed by.
  • So passed five more years.
  • There are only three more years to run.
  • Five more years of life remained to him.
  • And yet some more years passed on.
  • Twenty more years of life remained to him.
  • I still have two more years to go there before graduation.
  • More years sped swiftly and tranquilly away.
  • Still it took two more years to close the war.
  • She has taught public school one or more years.
  • He might have added a few more years, with credence.
  • Seven more years went by, and the boy gradually grew up.
  • It will keep for five or more years in a cool, dry place.
  • Five more years.
  • Been in the country more years than he can number acquaintances.
  • He will be a great warrior when he gathers a few more years.
  • He continued to serve all of these churches four more years.
  • And to think that the house cannot be sold for two more years!
  • Are you going to put up with four more years of graft and crime?
  • This made her appear his elder by more years than existed in fact between them.
  • A lad of sixteen he was, but no more years of life were there for him.
  • The trees were all seedlings and very large, probably 50 or more years old.
  • He tricked Jacob and made him work seven more years for Rachel.
  • Neighbor Walrus tells me, for more years than I have passed on this planet.
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More Years in a sentence

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