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  • Was it only this morning that we left?
  • It was only this morning that you told me you loved me.
  • Weber heard this morning that the bird had flown.
  • And what a marvellous morning that must be outside!
  • I heard this morning that the child is dying.
  • He swore as he rode this morning that he would do it.
  • On the morning that followed began my new life.
  • On the morning that followed, there was no uncertainty.
  • O rare is the northern morning that shineth for thee!
  • It was at breakfast one morning that he heard the news.
  • But it was a morning that might well oppress the bravest.
  • Oh crimson flush of morning that darkens as we gaze!
  • The next morning that black spot has grown larger.
  • What a Christmas morning that was!
  • Word was passed this morning that "company" was coming!
  • Father wur sayin' only this morning that you'd got brains.
  • I had only to send word in the morning that I would do so.
  • You told me this morning that you loved me, Hetty.
  • So it was, one morning that I remember.
  • It was known early in the morning that the regulars were out.
  • It is the lying in bed in the morning that plays the mischief.
  • It was not until early the following morning that he came to his senses again.
  • But it was such a beautiful morning that they soon recovered their spirits.
  • It was at ten in the morning that the big one had passed them.
  • It did not strike either of us till this morning that it was so long.
  • It was not until the next morning that he could get a word with her alone.
  • It is late at night or early in the morning that things happen.
  • It was for the second time since yesterday morning that she was crying now.
  • Mother sent me word this morning that she saw last night the spell was coming.

How To Use Morning That In A Sentence?

  • It was not till morning that he remembered his baggage and went in search of it.
  • Jemmy was so unwell this morning that we had to delay some time before he could proceed.
  • So it was not till she awoke in the morning that she could think over her happiness.
  • The thought lay beside her on a morning that she had expected to wake to so differently.
  • It was while he was packing his suit case on the following morning that a telegram came.
  • I can never forget the morning that directly followed the appearance of the volume.
  • This was the first morning that they were wholly without food since starting on their journey.
  • Jenny observed this morning that old or delicate people live wonderfully long.
  • It seemed that busy morning that everything he touched made trouble for somebody.
  • So she told him on that morning, that it would be best for him if he were to go to school.
  • It was on a golden summer morning that we together left my dreary lurking-place.
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