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  • But there was no doubt whatever that the remains were the remains of Morris Thornton.
  • Like all revolutions, of course, the Morris revolution was a prophecy rather than an achievement.
  • Every day during the trial Dr. Morris had occupied practically the same seat in the courtroom.
  • Dr. Morris presented a rather angular appearance as he strode away with Miss Holland.
  • Shortly after, Commodore Morris anchored off Tunis and landed to visit the Consul.
  • Yet Monday went the way of all former Mondays, and still Morris Thornton did not come.
  • Whispering Smith, who had been with Bucks and Morris Blood, got back to town the same day.
  • It was not long after this incident that the widow confided to a friend that she was coming to depend upon Morris for advice in her business.
  • Lord Morris knew something of medicine, as he did of most things, and asked if the dose given would not have killed the devil himself.
  • I sat in the library, in the morris chair, deeply immersed in the life of Nietzsche, by his sister.
  • One thinks of William Morris as a man who wished to make the world as beautiful as an illuminated manuscript.
  • For if Morris Thornton were dead, or if it were only that he had disappeared, was not that to postpone the day of reckoning?
  • It at length became evident to him that there was something peculiarly significant in the non-appearance and silence of Morris Thornton.
  • Besides, he had noticed how in several points his statements were confirmed by the evidence at the inquest on Morris Thornton.
  • Coming to the matter of the disappearance of Morris Thornton, he also said that the firm were the solicitors of the missing man.
  • And he feared that the worst had happened to Morris Thornton; he felt his conviction growing that the man was dead.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Morris | Morris Sentence

  • Gouverneur Morris was of a noble spirit.
  • As Morris spoke he looked up and caught her eye.
  • Mrs. Morris following close to her at every step.
  • It was Morris Thornton!
  • How had Morris Thornton come to be there at all?
  • Then Morris Thornton had not been murdered after all.
  • His father thought Morris Thornton had been murdered.
  • At any rate, Mrs. Morris cried.
  • Miss Elsworth arose and followed Mrs. Morris downstairs.
  • William Morris used to make merry over the futility of some cross references.
  • Bertha Morris Parker (A); 12Nov68; R448197.
  • Bertha Morris Parker (A); 12Nov68; R448213.
  • Bertha Morris Parker (A); 12Nov68; R448221.
  • Bertha Morris Parker (A); 12Nov68; R448204.
  • Bertha Morris Parker (A); 12Nov68; R448212.
  • Josephine Newton Morris (C); 13Nov68; R448275.
  • Bertha Morris Parker (A); 18Nov68; R448800.
  • Bertha Morris Parker (A); 12Nov68; R448208.
  • A cursory glance showed him that the name of Morris Thornton was on it.
  • Lord Morris told many stories, but for a change, here is one told of him.
  • Among these amateurs, Emanuel Morris the barber was an oracle.
  • She found Nance giving vent to noiseless laughter in the Morris chair.
  • The jury brought in a verdict that Morris Thornton died from natural causes.
  • Suppose Silwood did kill Morris Thornton, what would be his reason?

Definition of Morris

To perform morris dancing. | A marine fish with a very slender, flat, transparent body, now generally believed to be the young of the conger eel or some allied fish.
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