Morsels In A Sentence

Definition of Morsels

plural of morsel

How To Use Morsels In A Sentence?

  • The number of morsels served for the meal of each larva interests us more than the quality.
  • Whereupon he swallowed some morsels of the venison, and assured her that he had eaten heartily.
  • And forthwith he helped himself to such morsels as might satisfy his hunger for a little time.
  • In the carriage they had appeared good-humoured, inadequate morsels of humanity.
  • It is on light, frothy, palatable morsels that I and my wife will live in the future, eh, eh?
  • Some of these are packed in the leaves of the palm, others are roughly enveloped in a few morsels of linen.
  • The palace lackeys crowded round him and threw him morsels of bread, which he devoured with avidity.
  • For eider-ducks and frogs they had no appetite, for they feared with such dainty morsels to ruin their stomachs.
  • Riley had lost his spurs on the way out from this cause, the leather on them making sweet morsels for the watchers.
  • If any morsels fell from the table they were left lying there for the lonely souls that had no living relations or friends to feed them.
  • But that is exactly what is done when every individual morsel of the sensational stream takes up the adjacent morsels by coalescing with them.
  • Never cut up all the meat on your plate at once, in morsels fit for eating; to do so savors of the nursery.
  • We cannot swallow a pill because we think of what, as regards the larger morsels of food, we do automatically.
  • The lovely eyes were fixed upon the hand that was bringing forth the choicest morsels of the food prepared early that morning.
  • Quickly roasted on the coals they ate the delicate morsels with a relish and, most of all, praised the sweet fat.
  • Finally, an image of the god was made out of paste, and this was divided into morsels and eaten in a hideous sacrament by those who communicated.
  • We had sharpened appetites; and, had the morsels been flavored with salt, it would not have tasted bad.
  • The morsels of land have become so small, that they are not worth occupying, and will barely realise the expense of legal transfer.
  • If you open the window and scatter a few crumbs upon the porch, they are soon hopping among the grateful morsels with twittering thankfulness.
  • Properly, the knife may be said to have no use at the table save to assist the fork in separating food into morsels fit for mastication.
  • The scandal-monger came first, he or she who sits like a fly-catcher on a tree, snapping up morsels of news.
  • These, if accused, might prove their innocence by swallowing two consecrated morsels taken from the altar after proper prayers.
  • The stock of provisions at the hotel finally gave out, and I was compelled to purchase morsels of meat from the steward.
  • As we stood surveying them, one of their number approached us, bearing in one hand a plate containing choice morsels of the roasted meat.
  • Then lighting a fire upon the ground they hacked morsels from the bird, and proceeded to roast them while I stood by aghast.
  • And the incessant scold, scold, scold, the cunning inquiries after missing morsels of meat or potatoes, the exasperating orders!
  • Dawn found a line of men, women, and children, numbering thousands, awaiting morsels of food at the street bakeries.
  • Small boys laid hold on small fry, bit their heads off, and held the silver-coated morsels between their teeth, like animated sticks of candy.
  • His love for and confidence in his wife had been so absolute that even her threats had seemed to him like little morsels of wounded vanity thrown to him out of the froth of her temper.
  • For several days we found it great sport to shoot loaves of bread and a few tempting morsels of food down to the starving mass and watch them fight and struggle for possession.
  • Any newspaper which offends the Government by criticism of too harsh a character is liable to have the supply of such morsels suspended until it gives evidence of amendment.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Morsels | Morsels Sentence

  • It is true that the morsels are very small.
  • Few choice morsels escaped him.
  • Indeed, here are three morsels of it.
  • We left some rare morsels for these children.
  • For dainty morsels of fowl and flesh.
  • Does this mean that the tenderest and most succulent morsels are chosen?
  • He stretched his thin neck, and took one of the tempting morsels in his mouth.
  • For Mrs. Ladybug dearly loved to spread choice morsels of gossip.
  • My pony had pulled several morsels of flesh from the mule's carcase.

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