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  • How are the bricks and mortar subdivided?
  • It was intended as a mortar for pounding nuts.
  • Diameter of mortar 7-1/2 inches, height 15 inches.
  • Wooden mortar and pestle collected among the Ojibway.
  • To my great surprise some bits of stone and a cloud of mortar flew out.
  • It is often used in place of mortar in the construction of brick buildings.
  • Some prefer to use red mortar and afterwards pencil the joints with black.
  • He would have to carry bricks and mortar up a ladder to quite a high wall.
  • Man carrying what seems to be a hod of mortar and a mason's mallet.

How To Use Mortar In A Sentence?

  • That was a gleam of lapis lazuli that winked at him from the crumbling mortar under his feet.
  • You cannot hurt this dough if you will just mix it as a man does when mixing mortar with a hoe.
  • He got this for lifting his trench mortar over the parapet when all the detachment were killed.
  • Bricks and mortar are mortar and bricks till the architect makes something out of them.
  • He flipped a trowelful of mortar and whistled as if to express thus his sense of fate.
  • As all know, it is used almost exclusively for making mortar for building purposes.
  • There, if his eyes did not deceive him, were evidences of mortar dislodged by nefarious toes.
  • They are built of roughly-hewn blocks of gray and red sandstone, and very hard mortar or concrete.
  • It can be used for under-water work, such as bridge piers, where mortar would quickly soften.
  • If words and ideas are not inseparable, then, as mortar is to the stones that compose the building, so are his words to his ideas.
  • After being threshed in the wooden mortar the winnowed seeds are again returned to the mortar and crushed.
  • When sufficient has been obtained the grain is put again in the mortar and pounded to remove the pellicle.
  • By this combined action the mortar becomes very hard and adheres firmly to the surface upon which it is spread.
  • Each step had to be carefully negotiated because of the mortar crumbling under foot, and the loosened bricks that threatened an accident.
  • Sitting in the middle of about one hundred trench mortar bombs, visions of the whole show going up came to me.
  • Presently, however, when his helper had disappeared for a load of mortar she came back to the place and watched him.
  • The mason tranquilly deposited the rock full upon the shrub and proceeded to slap mortar around it and tap it home with his mallet.
  • The sand serves to give body to the mortar and makes it porous, so that the change into carbonate can take place throughout the mass.
  • These places, with their stately trees and greenhouses and careful lawns, have also been merged into the domain of brick and mortar and concrete.
  • Its place was completely filled by the maze of brick and mortar in which for the better part of an hour I had lost myself.
  • These people have no ice chest, not even cupboards, many of them, so the coffee is freshly roasted and pounded in a mortar for breakfast.
  • The soil near villages is mostly mud, and by leading water to a given spot, a pit of mortar for building material is at once made.
  • Then putting a quick-match, or touch-string, of touch-paper, into the hole, your mortar will be ready to be fired.
  • Within this doorway, on the red earth bottom, were a small mortar and a grinding stone worn by much use; both were stained with red paint.
  • The 'undergrads' of the University looked so attractive in their red gowns, and the girl students in their mortar boards!
  • Adelle seemed wholly absorbed in the bricks and mortar laid upon old Clark's Field.
  • Meal-powder 1 Corn-powder 0-1/2 Powder for the mortar 2 1 oz.
  • Killa Tur is a stone building mostly below the surface of the hill-top, of rough hewn stone cemented with lime mortar of the hardness of concrete.
  • They ascended majestically from the mortar to a certain altitude and gradually descended to the spot where they were destined to execute their work of destruction.
  • The man up aloft seemed to shiver in the shock of the outcry; and once more some fragments of mortar rolled from under his feet and bounded into the depths.
  • He prays a similar prayer to the pots in which the cooking has been done, to the rack on which the rice was dried, and to the mortar in which it was threshed.

Definition of Mortar

(transitive) To use mortar or plaster to join two things together. | (transitive) To pound in a mortar. | To fire a mortar (weapon).

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