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  • It mortgages tranquil years.
  • The law of chattel mortgages and conditional sales.
  • There may be several mortgages upon the same property.
  • He must meet the mortgages after marriage, that was all.
  • He had vast riches, houses and lands, mortgages and deeds.
  • But Lablache held those mortgages nearly a year ago.
  • You must return the Honham mortgages to Mr. Edward Cossey.
  • Equitable mortgages by a deposit of title-deeds are unknown.
  • In our State she can hold bonds and mortgages as her own.
  • The mortgages which I hold on his property are nothing to me.

How To Use Mortgages In A Sentence?

  • On searching his coffers all his bonds and mortgages were found reduced to cinders.
  • Bonds bear the same relation to the resources of a corporation that mortgages do to real estate.
  • Bonds issued by stock companies and corporations are really mortgages upon their resources.
  • The earlier creditors of Austria held all the best mortgages with their attendant emoluments.
  • Schmidt, who owned many houses and mortgages and good irredeemable ground rents, was busy.
  • Suppose that your position was as good as it was twenty years ago, that there were no mortgages on the estate.
  • It is true that some of the landowners are chronically in debt, burdened with mortgages and with advances for supplies.
  • This mortgages the future to the present necessity, and it has so far been the predominant source of war credits.
  • To avoid this contingency, the commissioners recommended the duke to redeem all the existing mortgages great and small.
  • In the country you've got to have ready money to wipe out mortgages and to start things goin' right.
  • This is especially true of railways, where mortgages of various kinds often lap and overlap in almost endless confusion.
  • Some months ago I was so foolish as to ask your help in the matter of the mortgages which your bank was calling in.
  • He represents the brewers' trust, and he's going out to start saloons with chattel mortgages on the fixtures.
  • New capital was difficult to acquire; money was dear, and mortgages on the properties of nobles were not considered an advantageous investment.
  • Either he must make a clean breast of it to Ida about the mortgages being no longer in his hands or he must pretend that he still had them.
  • My offers, first of an old stocking and afterwards of mines, mortgages and aerated breads, were rejected at once.
  • Also that very morning a letter had reached him from London announcing that the last hope of raising money to meet the mortgages had failed.
  • We cut off the entail of all property, sold some outlying farms, and replaced the old mortgages by new ones on rather better terms.
  • They were, and are, inexorable mortgages on the labor of millions of workers, men, women and children, of all occupations.
  • Suppose to-day the mortgages and railroad bonds, which are forms of ownership of land, were taken out of the market, what interest could we get?
  • Say, Bill, do you know that that skunk holds mortgages on our ranch for two hundred thousand dollars?
  • Accordingly he instructed his solicitors to realise all the mortgages and railway-stock and other admirable securities in which his money was invested and hand over the cash to him.
  • The Squire appeared at dinner radiant and triumphant, as if there were no such thing as mortgages or Jews on this side of eternity.
  • Others represent roads loaded down with mortgages and other obligations so heavy as to make the stock really a liability rather than a resource to its owner.
  • Such topics as farm mortgages and urban real estate are thoroughly discussed and the opportunities in this new field for the investor are clearly explained.
  • Then Swallow began to take interest in politics and to lend money to the small farmers, taking mortgages at carefully guarded, usurious interest.
  • They are not mortgages in the ordinary sense, and their worth consists entirely in the ability of the issuer through its taxing power to meet the obligations incurred.
  • His retirement from business would mean ruin to many of those who had borrowed from him he knew, and to those on whose property he held mortgages as security.
  • I am paying off the mortgages on that house where the school is located, so that I might be able to take a deep breath before I am too old to work.
  • She told him that he had chosen wisely in selecting so lovely a girl, with a fortune large enough to pay off his mortgages and start him afresh in life.

Definition of Mortgages

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of mortgage | plural of mortgage
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