Mortified In A Sentence

Definition of Mortified

(informal) Acutely embarrassed. | simple past tense and past participle of mortify

How To Use Mortified In A Sentence?

  • Pippo was a little mortified by her laugh, and a little ashamed of what he had said.
  • Ovid adds that she was mortified at not being embraced by a god, as were her six sisters.
  • The baron was a little mortified that he should have come in this simple, solitary style.
  • She is mortified that you never deign to look her way; she is tired of standing so long.
  • In a sense he had lived the life of an ascetic, save that he had not actually mortified his body.
  • He recognized the fact and fell back, looking at me in a puzzled and mortified way.
  • He was mortified by his forgetfulness, but the ladies were after all not Siamese twins.
  • The delicate lady lives mortified there, And the feast is forsaken for fasting and prayer.
  • Hilary, realising this, grew slowly, dully red, with the bitterness of mortified expectation.
  • I felt mortified to think I had spoke out loud, but had to stand my ground after I had said it.
  • Further north, the United States found itself mortified and helpless before British antagonism.
  • He will be constantly mortified by observing precautions taken with him which are not used with others.
  • He was really more mortified at discovering how poor an artist in the business he was than by his ill success itself.
  • At that her father laughed, and she picked it up again and reseated herself with a slightly mortified air.
  • The sermon mortified them, and they resolved to take satisfaction for the pretended and supposed insult.
  • For there the beaten party are exasperated and soured by the previous contention, and mortified by the conclusive defeat.
  • Feeling thus, he could not but contrast the mortified life of that holy man with his own indulged and pampered existence.
  • For what purpose should he be disgraced and mortified if, henceforth, he played a man's part!
  • Josiah and me felt real provoked and mortified to think that after folks had gin their jewelry to discover us they should blow us up in that way.
  • Belfort had been very quiet after his failure with Harding, and he looked both mortified and thoughtful.
  • She felt the same old terror and disgust at him, but it mortified her to have him think that she might wish to marry anybody else.
  • Wallie, who was too mortified and miserable for words over the incident, declared he meant never again to come to town and make a fool of himself.
  • Despot as he was, the sultan was much moved; he was mortified at having yielded to his temper, and his passionate affection for me had returned.
  • Like many men who have a strong spirit of banter in them, Calvert was vexed and mortified when his sarcasm did not wound.
  • Now, however, he was thoroughly incensed by the deportment of his wife, and deeply mortified at the effect it might have upon their company.
  • Lord Nelson kept pacing the cabin, mortified at everything that savoured either of alarm or irresolution.
  • An elaborate banquet had been prepared in the hope that the Agha would pay them a visit, and they were much mortified at his non-appearance.
  • He was mortified intensely by the discovery of a successful rival where he had so coolly and confidently flattered himself with a solitary conquest.
  • Not only did it make you feel lonely and stranded but it mortified you to be obliged to own you were not of the happy band included in so magnificent a celebration.
  • All of this the old woman told us quite briskly after she had drunk the water, I think because her wound had mortified and she felt no pain.
  • I never was so mortified in all my life, and I scrambled to my feet and came over to the hedge to get between him and Billy.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Mortified | Mortified Sentence

  • Leonhard looked mortified and angry.
  • He was excessively mortified at what he heard!
  • Aunt Maria was mortified and angry.
  • I'd be mortified to death!
  • I have not mortified you, because you think yourself above it all.
  • His own vanity was at once mortified and excited by the discovery he had made.
  • Joan hung up the telephone, mortified by her own pusillanimous behavior.
  • I'm so mortified that I could cry.
  • Peter saw Vyvian's mortified colour rise; he was a vain and sensitive person.

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