Mortify In A Sentence

How To Use Mortify In A Sentence?

  • He never was tired of praising them up to the skies, to mortify the rest of us into good behavior.
  • The judge supposed, apparently, that the sentence of the pillory would disgrace and mortify me.
  • And I knew anyway it would mortify her dretfully to have her help make such a mistake.
  • It was in vain that Burton urged the Archbishop to mortify himself by eating his dinner.
  • This was said with intent to mortify the soul of my new acquaintance in revenge for his previous display of erudition.
  • Rofflash hastened to mollify the enraged beauty, and did so effectually when he suggested a plan by which she could mortify her rival.
  • I do not do it to awake his compassion, but to mortify myself, place myself, as it were, on the pillory.
  • From this on the struggles of the people up to the time of the Revolution were enough to mortify the reader almost to death.
  • For Libbie was very plain, as she had known so long that the consciousness of it had ceased to mortify her.
  • This plan is not to be recommended unless you choose to mortify your flesh, or to copy the fakirs of India.
  • The King knew a great many anecdotes, and there were people enough who furnished him with such as were likely to mortify the self-love of others.
  • If he makes mistakes it is his own fault, and it is not your business to mortify him by attempting to correct his blunders in presence of those with whom he is ambitious to stand well.
  • They were of opinion that in his turn the King, in order to mortify her and reduce her to terms, should not visit the Queen on the following night.
  • The prince is so far distant from his subjects, that he is rarely seen by them; he is so far above them that nothing in his situation can mortify his self-love.
  • She opened her mouth to explain and then she remembered that she had promised she would mortify her pride so she said never a word, although she thought she would burst at having to keep quiet.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Mortify | Mortify Sentence

  • Let me remain and mortify the flesh for a season.
  • Why mortify the body with harsh austerities?
  • It is just to myself to say that the discovery did not mortify me much.
  • And the higher you aspire, they will be the more desirous to mortify you.
  • I am goin' to slight and mortify him by not noticin' it and thankin' him?
  • My dog shall mortify the pride Of man's superior breed.

Definition of Mortify

(transitive) To discipline (one's body, appetites etc.) by suppressing desires; to practise abstinence on. [from 15th c.] | (transitive, usually used passively) To embarrass, to humiliate. To injure one's dignity. [from 17th c.] | (obsolete, transitive) To kill. [14th–17th c.]
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