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  • Moslems are not at their best while it lasts.
  • Moslems regard this stone with the greatest reverence.
  • The Moslems were furious.
  • His orders Moslems are all bound to obey.
  • That is the very way Moslems regard the missionary.
  • But Moslems are never tempted to flee from their fate.
  • And how they prayed, these fanatical Moslems!
  • He was a hero as well as a holy terror among the Moslems.
  • Palestine, conquered by Moslems, 286.
  • As among the Moslems, pious phrases are common.
  • Thus the Moslems form the millet of Islam.
  • The Carmathians were a very fanatical sect of Moslems.
  • Believe me, I was better pleased with my Moslems.
  • It is easily stated: the wealth of Islam for Moslems.
  • Canale, Girolame, his victory over the Moslems, 177.
  • Moslems in Bosnia, 119, 202-3, 220-1, 225, 393.
  • Moros are Moslems.
  • An offer to do this was foolishly rejected by the Moslems in 1870.
  • These are the occasions when fighting with the Moslems is apt to take place.
  • These ferocious Moslems had doubtless come to murder him in hot blood.
  • By this time the battle was lost; the Moslems were in full retreat.
  • As usual, these fanaticized Moslems displayed fierce fighting power.
  • The Moslems pursued them and the Crusaders were obliged to surrender.
  • To this Islamic civilization all Moslems are deeply attached.
  • The Moslems believe all sorts of foolish things about the Kaaba.
  • The Empress saw that the city would certainly by taken by the Moslems.
  • An army of two hundred thousand Persians arrived to help the Moslems.

How To Use Moslems In A Sentence?

  • I have never been in any place in which the relations with Moslems have been so easy and friendly.
  • This would be entirely in accord with the base traditions and history of the Moslems.
  • I have already explained how most Moslems saw through the trick and refused to budge.
  • Advancing age had not tamed the spirit nor weakened the frame of this leader among the Moslems.
  • The idea of the soul emerging from the top of the head is evidently borrowed from the Moslems.
  • One street is exclusively occupied by Moslems, who have in their hands the skin trade of the city.
  • The Moslems, however, were some time in accustoming themselves to the perils of the deep.
  • Among the observances enjoined upon Moslems are those of charity, fasting, and pilgrimage.
  • I asked the bystanders if, as Moslems, they would object to his taking some spirits medicinally?
  • There are many Moslems in Bahrein who have hanging up in their rooms these monograms or designs.
  • Leave Lawrence out of it, and all the other non-Moslems who have done their bit for you.
  • They never interfered with the Moslem religion; why should Moslems interfere with theirs?
  • A bishop who afterwards suffered martyrdom in the hands of African Moslems had blessed them.
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