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  • The mosque has a grand appearance.
  • Near the mosque is a remarkable well of cool water.
  • Their mosque is well cared for and unusually clean.
  • An old fort and a mosque stand in solitude on the top.
  • Cordoba, Mosque at, 64.
  • From a rocky platform just below the mosque there is a magnificent view.
  • The interior of a mosque is a mixture of simplicity and grandeur.
  • They have a much larger and handsomer mosque than their howling brethren.
  • The mausoleum is placed on an esplanade, like the great mosque in the city.
  • From the Mosque of Omar he had heard the sonorous chant of the muezzin.
  • The mosque selected for that day's devotions was in Tophaneh, near the water.

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  • He invited the party to step to a certain point, and view the mosque as a whole.
  • It is the glory of this mosque and of Delhi, for only three others exist in the world.
  • She must go again to the mosque of the old dervish to pray, for she had been dreaming of Hassan.
  • Shows lastly, a splash of glittering silver on a house-top almost directly below the mosque Minar.
  • The first mosque was built by Mahomet in Medina, and was of a very simple structure.
  • By the Jaffa gate and round the Mosque of Omar the dervishes are preaching massacre.
  • At Bona, a very handsome mosque is being erected on the Grand Place by the Government.
  • These are like praying-carpets spread for devotees upon the pavement of a mosque whose roof is heaven.
  • Then we came upon a deserted mosque of pitted brick colonnades round a vast courtyard open to the pale sky.
  • This mosque is a fine one, mounted on a marble esplanade or platform, like most buildings of this description.
  • Yussuf knelt and prayed awhile, and returning to the door of the mosque he was accosted by a woman, who appeared to be waiting for some one.
  • A mosque is built against its wall, and the cornice is built on by the storks, but the temple still preserves much of beauty.
  • The mosque was so crowded that we could see many Moslems kneeling and salaaming on the streets outside the doors.
  • The remains of his mosque were visited, the columns of which look like enlarged jewellery, elaborately worked into fantastic forms.
  • Near the mosque lived a man called Selim, who was so learned that he knew every language in the world.
  • A beautiful mosque commemorated the good deeds of the saint, and provided a place of prayer for those of the Moslem faith.
  • He found the approach to the Mosque choked up by ignoble buildings, and declares that as a whole it had neither beauty nor dignity.
  • In the silvery light a dome reared its head that might have belonged to an Eastern mosque with a muezzin calling the faithful to prayers.
  • Siddha reached the Mosque at the appointed time, and had not waited long before he saw the servant approach and sign to him to follow her.
  • Traces of old ruins, fragments of some old, forgotten mosque over which the palace had spread its foundations in bygone days....
  • There she shall sit, in the coarsest clothes, and every Mussulman who enters the mosque shall spit in her face in passing.
  • There was the purple dome of the great Mosque of Omar, very clear against the amber-primrose lights of dawn.
  • Perhaps the old Sheikh, however, used a bit of soap to wash his hands and feet early before sunrise when he went to the mosque to pray.
  • As the Sultan entered the mosque a priest chanted a call to prayer which sounded not unlike the old Hebrew chants in some of our synagogues.
  • In the Mosque of Medina Mahomet taught his converts the practices and duties which were required of them.
  • At the top of the triangle rises the Mosque of Sankore, with its ranges of galleries resting on arcades of sufficiently pure design.
  • The mosque of Vazir Khan pleased them more; for it was a beautiful edifice, though crumbling before the ravages of time.
  • But in spite of their vast dimensions, these halls would have been ill fitted for the uses to which the spacious naves of a church or mosque are put.
  • A short prayer is recited over the dead, either in a mosque or in a place particularly dedicated to this service in or adjacent to the burial-ground.

Definition of Mosque

(Islam) A place of worship for Muslims, often having at least one minaret; a masjid.
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