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  • It is no longer so in most states.
  • In this country, most states prohibit the use of these substances in milk.
  • However most States have similar provisions in their Constitutions.
  • In most States to-day it is fourteen or sixteen.[425]
  • "Nor was there law, in most States, against marrying between races.
  • Under the civil laws of most states the _Ne Temere

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  • Many proprietary compounds for milk preservation have been placed on the market in the past, but the use of all of these is illegal in most states.
  • The other property of the negro can only be estimated, as most States do not list the races separately.
  • In most States the appointing power of the governor, which years ago was usually large, has been stripped to the uttermost.
  • The law has been greatly changed in all civilised countries in this regard, and to-day in most States she can make almost any kind of a contract.
  • And by these tactics a relationship was established between Germany and most states of the globe which cut deep into the destinies of these and is become an abiding factor of the present contest.
  • Laws have been passed in most States making family desertion a misdemeanor, and in New York a recent law has made it a felony.
  • The farmer owns the bed of every stream not navigable, lying within the boundary lines of the farm; and his right to divert and make use of the water of such streams is determined in most states by common law.
  • Do these women know that in most States in the Union the shameful fact that no woman has any legal rights to her own child, except it is born out of wedlock!
  • Yet, in most States of the U.S., and in some other countries; marriage is legally declared void and of no effect where it is not possible to consummate the marriage relation.
  • It is true also that in most states now the people have taken to themselves directly the task of selecting men suitable for judges instead of entrusting that important duty to the governor or legislature, as was the practice in the early days of the republic.
  • Woman could not be a witness before a court, and in most states she was excluded from rulership over land and people, though this rule was frequently circumvented, broken, or repealed, for we early meet with women rulers or ruling women, who will be separately treated.
  • The circumstances of this murder could not have been more skilfully arranged had they been specially designed to illustrate the weakness and folly of the ancient, out-grown engine to which most states in the Union, even yet, look for the enforcement of their laws in rural parts.
  • The subordinate place which woman occupies in most states, arises partly from the fact that the part she plays in reproduction prevents her from devoting her whole time and energies to the acquisition of power, and partly from the fact that those faculties in which she is superior to man have been obscured and oppressed by the animal vigor and selfishness of the male.
  • It will suffice for the moment to remark that until the decade preceding 1898 the old Common Law period of ten, sometimes twelve, years was the basis of "age of consent" legislation in most States and in the Territories under the jurisdiction of the national government.
  • We should get beyond the meaningless cry, "I have all the rights I want," if mothers could only remember that among these rights, in most States of the Union, the right of a widowed mother to her child is not included.
  • No reader of Thucydides can doubt that as the struggle intensified Athenian civility diminished: yet, when we remember that even in the throes of war the right of the individual to live and speak freely was not lost, that, on the contrary, during the war, came forth some of the finest and freest criticism with which the world has ever been blest, we shall incline to suspect that even in her decline Athens was decidedly more civilized than most states at their apogee.
  • every eight years whose coming is to interfere with the exercise of a duty of privilege which, in most States, and in all the most important elections, occurs only one day in two years.
  • His failure to obey the order of the court, or subpoena, is known as _contempt_. Contempt is punishable in Federal courts, and in most States by the order of the judge, and is not subject to jury trial.
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