Motioned In A Sentence

Definition of Motioned

simple past tense and past participle of motion

How To Use Motioned In A Sentence?

  • His father motioned him to proceed.
  • I motioned her to come nearer.
  • But the girl motioned her away.
  • Boyce motioned for them to return to the table.
  • Kirkwood motioned toward the passageway.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Motioned | Motioned Sentence

  • Wandel motioned the other into the cab.
  • He motioned her into the shadow.
  • Becky motioned she might do so.
  • Horace motioned again for her to be seated.
  • Macphail motioned to the trader.
  • Hugh motioned to a chair.
  • Grace motioned for her to come in.
  • Then he motioned for them to go.
  • She motioned in the affirmative.
  • Dodd motioned to a restaurant.
  • The farmer motioned to them.
  • He motioned frantically.
  • Jeckie motioned him to enter.
  • He motioned him away.
  • Lennox motioned him aside.
  • I motioned her to rise.
  • He motioned to his men.
  • Prale motioned for him to approach.
  • She motioned to him desperately.
  • Quay motioned a hand.
  • He motioned to the report again.
  • Then he motioned them all to seats and sat down himself.
  • Orren motioned again and the executioners stopped.
  • Tenlow motioned the other to step ahead.
  • She motioned him to the room beyond.
  • Bassett motioned to the driver to go on.
  • But the chief motioned him to be reseated.
  • They motioned the prisoners to help themselves.
  • Menard motioned toward the fire.
  • Jones motioned toward the launch.
  • Hal motioned to his prisoner to approach.
  • I motioned the men from the room.
  • She motioned me to make salutation.
  • Then she motioned to the messenger to continue.
  • She motioned to him to sit by her side.
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Motioned in a sentence

Motioned sentence

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