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  • See his gray mottled skin!
  • The result was a very mottled population.
  • The mottled terror in the chest was still again.
  • Their fur is of a mottled or speckled color.
  • See that mottled beech trunk yonder.
  • Above the line of the beard the skin was mottled and puffy.
  • The mottled tide flows and dashes far below you.
  • A purple flush mottled his cheeks at the indignity of it.
  • A mottled scar, a weather mark!
  • Also avoid birds as breeders with green or mottled bills.
  • The mottled wood near the root was called dudgeon.
  • Presently he was back, carrying the mottled book.
  • The art of curd mottled soap-making lies in the boiling.
  • He had greasy, white hair and a mottled face.
  • His mud-colored face became slowly mottled with red.
  • The sheriff's face mottled with wrath.
  • In a minute a mottled pebble seemed to get up under his nose and run.
  • The old birds are a beautiful ashen-gray mottled with black.
  • Those snakes with the mottled yellow and brown backs are water moccasins.
  • Their colours are green, variously tinted and mottled with red or purple.
  • It is made of serpentine of a mottled yellow, brown and green color.
  • It is about two feet in length, and the plumage is mottled brownish and white.
  • A mottled sky, except that the psi-pattern usually does not change.
  • They're all alike, with red backs and mottled sides.
  • It was dark in this interior space, the floor mottled with gleaming sun-spots.
  • Her round, soap-scoured little cheeks had turned a mottled red.
  • The sheriff paused midway of a step; his mottled face grew ashen.
  • Black bread denotes a famine; spotted or mottled bread, a plague.

How To Use Mottled In A Sentence?

  • What wonder if my present conduct should be mottled by selfishness and incertitude?
  • Large females having mottled and blotched patterns will be the most difficult to identify.
  • Its distinguishing features are a mottled green color and a sage flavor.
  • Covered with shadows it lay striped and mottled like the skin of some wild animal.
  • No male normally acquires a contrasting mottled and blotched pattern on the carapace.
  • The material is a soft greenish mottled serpentine, or serpentinoid limestone.
  • They have left their wonderful sheen somewhere behind them, and are mottled and plebeian.
  • And he slept, and in the morning it did not need the mottled book at his bedside to remind him.
  • The drakes of the best color do not as a rule fade or become mottled to any great extent with age.
  • The water was red with their blood, and mottled with standards and drums and floating robes.
  • It floods the mottled bark, and transforms its ashy tints to softened autumn grays.
  • She had the face of an impertinent but jolly little pig, mottled red under a dusting of powder.

Definition of Mottled

Colored in patches; spotted | simple past tense and past participle of mottle

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