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  • Usually the mountings are of gold, and precious stones.
  • The carriage was rosewood, and the mountings gilt brass.
  • An' the new rivers an' new mountings you could find!

How To Use Mountings In A Sentence?

  • Still war hid; an' never ter kim inter ther mountings agin ahuntin' moonshine stuff.
  • Bradley could see the pigeon-holes and little drawers with their brass mountings gleaming in the light.
  • These sumptuary laws even affected walking-sticks which had their mountings differentiated according to the rank of the possessor.
  • Armijo combed these hyar mountings fer ye, an' watched my rancho fer nigh a week.
  • The one-dollar china pug is less harmful than an expensive onyx lamp-stand with moulded bronze mountings dipped in liquid gilding.
  • It was a heavy stock saddle, with German silver mountings and saddle bags covered with black bear fur.
  • The two guns, dismounted, were sticking up at acute angles in the debris, their mountings shattered into fragments of scrap-iron metal.
  • The sheath, slender and flexible, was evidently of more modern make, formed of rough shark-skin, with richly chased mountings of silver.
  • When the Germans came on in the first blind rush after the French two small guns on motor mountings got through behind our lines.
  • The mountings of the gun were of solid silver, but I doubt if even Mr. Horton could have justified himself to himself in taking it.

Definition of Mountings

plural of mounting
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