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  • The mourners are to sit only in that house.
  • These waiting mourners do not sing for me!
  • It lights the mourners on their pathway to the tomb.
  • The feelings in the hearts of the mourners are very mixed.
  • Well paid were the mourners that wept at his grave.
  • There were several real mourners in the crowd.
  • Stewart reports that mourners painted their faces black.
  • No lives to be reformed: and no mourners to be comforted?
  • They waited, as mourners wait beside a tomb.
  • There were no end of mourners at other graves doing the same thing.
  • Behind the hearse the mourners were conversing in familiar fashion.
  • He believed that the feelings of the mourners must be hurt by all this.
  • The concourse of mourners gathered from a distance was large.
  • Some of the mourners ate the food and kept kissing the grave.
  • The greater number of the mourners to-day pursued the same road up the valley.
  • Not song but wail, and mourners pale, Not bards, to love belong.
  • Byamee," the mourners cry, "let in the spirit of Eerin to Bullimah.

How To Use Mourners In A Sentence?

  • No doubt he made his living as mourner at funerals to which no other mourners came.
  • Stars in the dark canopy above are cryptic mourners and people frigid sorrow.
  • There the silence was broken by the same sobbing, but the mourners were invisible.
  • High respect and equally deep slights might be rendered to mourners in the place assigned.
  • Soon the mourners enter bearing great bowls of food and drink which they deposit in the doorway.
  • The chief mourners of the occasion seemed to take but little active part in the ceremonies.
  • The bed-frame is often enlarged so that many of the chief mourners may be able to sit on it.
  • Then came the clank of arms, and the mourners were again surrounded by their half-nude guards.
  • The mourners sure had a time getting things straightened out, but they finally got him buried.
  • A gong beat with a sudden hollow reverberation, and from another door a file of mourners entered.
  • He and the mourners had to wait in the snow-covered cemetery until the coffin containing the remains could be fetched.
  • It is very theatric to look down into the vault, where the coffin was, attended by mourners with lights.
  • She stood behind the more immediate group of mourners as the body of the beautiful child was laid in his long home.
  • She was buried in the family vault with much ceremony, and then the mourners departed talking of the crime.
  • But his little army tiptoed up, their heavy boots creaking as do the boots of decorous mourners at a funeral.
  • He was too taken up to notice that one of the mourners was watching him intently, and presently left the group and came towards him.
  • The day before the festival the male mourners go to the village burial ground and plant a newly made stake before the grave of their relative.
  • The pall-bearers, funeral director, and mourners at these obsequies deserve a double portion of our sympathy.
  • Several mourners followed the coffin, the ladies in black clothes, with black lace veils on their heads and their hair much dressed.
  • Beside the hearse walk six hired mourners on either side, dressed in black, with cocked hats and swallow-tail coats.
  • As soon as the mourners left his grave, he arose and went out a short distance from the village, where he hid his raven mask and coat in a tree.
  • Many of the mourners were going direct to Woking, but there was a large number of guests at the house who were received by the young baronet.
  • The professional mourners then arrive, and night or day is made hideous with their cries, while the "washers of the dead" proceed with their work.

Definition of Mourners

plural of mourner

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