Mourns in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Mourns

1. A man mourns only for his friends. 🔊

2. That mourns the bondage of the free. 🔊

3. As one who mourns the dead. 🔊

4. And my heart mourns within me. 🔊

5. Which at morning mourns and late at evening? 🔊

6. A clamor of frosty sirens mourns at the night. 🔊

7. Nought heals the heart that mourns a brother dead. 🔊

8. The country mourns the brave men who fell in battle. 🔊

9. She mourns yet on the inside and outside, yes, indeed! 🔊

10. He mourns over the impenitent and the thoughtless in the present day. 🔊

11. A brain that mourns THINE unredeemed rascality? 🔊

12. Pygmalion mourns his own success; Was ever such strange wretchedness? 🔊

13. She mourns that Mary's Son must die! 🔊

How to use Mourns in Sentences?

1. Elate for freedom leaps the starry power, The life which passes mourns its wasted hour. 🔊

2. Yet dreary is her solitude who bends And mourns the best of husbands, fathers, friends! 🔊

3. He mourns for Schepstein, who occasionally helps out a friend at ten per cent, as a usurer. 🔊

4. In his memoirs van Tirpitz mourns the fact that now "Anglo-Saxondom" controls the world. 🔊