Moustache In A Sentence

Definition of Moustache

a growth of facial hair between the nose and the upper lip

How To Use Moustache In A Sentence?

  • He was wearing his hair longer than usual and a small moustache was already sprouting.
  • Robert has let his moustache and beard grow together, and looks very picturesque.
  • He was no longer clean-shaven; an untidy blackish moustache covered his upper lip.
  • An incipient moustache shaded his upper lip, and gave manhood to the strong, firm mouth.
  • On his nearer approach I saw a little moustache made all the fairer by a good many white hairs.
  • Till then he had contented himself with pulling his moustache the better to control his ill-suppressed amusement.
  • The long twisted moustache conceals the expression of his mouth, and the spectacles with thick horn rims that of his eyes.
  • The former appealed to his passenger, a tall man of fair complexion and straw-coloured moustache and beard.
  • I found myself pushed against a tall man with an immense gray moustache standing out across his face like the horns of a beetle.
  • Elton had a pleasant, sun-burnt face and a little choppy moustache beneath which his teeth glistened when he smiled.
  • He gnawed his moustache thoughtfully and walked round and round the table, within the narrow circle formed by the others.
  • A slight moustache was beginning to shade his upper lip, and his dark hair fell in natural ringlets around his head.
  • His hair has a brownish colour yet, but is here and there streaked with grey lines over the temples; his whiskers and moustache are very grey.
  • The long fair moustache that droops either side of his mouth, seems to vie with the bushy eyebrows half defiantly.
  • He looked so insolent as he sat back with half-closed eyes and stroked his silken, black moustache that his father lost his temper.
  • The stranger was a man of small stature, with grey moustache and beard, of a dark complexion, and unmistakably a foreigner.
  • There was a sound of steps within, a key was turned, and a porter with a red moustache and freckles about his hard blue eyes thrust out his head.
  • His moustache was golden and carefully tended, his pale, honey-coloured hair waved over a high, white forehead.
  • The huge black beard and moustache were shaven off; he no longer wore the fez which had helped to give him an Eastern appearance.
  • Celestine Crepineau, had he worn the magnificent moustache and voluminous whiskers of the bear-hunter, which the lady admired so much.
  • His eyes and hair were dark, and a brown moustache betokened, unmistakeably, that he sprang from the Aryan race.
  • Rogers, a large, square-faced man, with a stubby grey moustache and cold grey eyes, looked the youth over carefully as he spoke.
  • I see a new doll, with a small but worldly black moustache and a very bad countenance, watching me as I pass the windows.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Moustache | Moustache Sentence

  • And he pulled his moustache again.
  • He chummed and the moustache bristled.
  • He pulled at his moustache fer a while.
  • But the black moustache and heavy beard.
  • A black moustache hid my mouth.
  • The women said it was a pity his moustache was brown.
  • The old gentleman stroked his moustache doubtfully.
  • You can see his black moustache and hooked nose here.
  • He made his moustache and lips express judicious regret.
  • Je porte moustache et barbe au menton.
  • An exquisitely trimmed black moustache adorned his mouth.
  • His moustache was brown, his teeth strong and spaced.
  • His dark moustache was clipped to the English fashion.
  • His whiskers and moustache have the same fine and woolly appearance.
  • His white hair and long white moustache could not make him look venerable.
  • He was a quiet-looking, stout man, with a gray moustache and keen dark eyes.
  • The nose was beak-like and the large, rugged, red moustache hid the mouth.
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