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  • It did not move in space.
  • They move in sequence.
  • You will move in advance of the troops.
  • She helped me move in and settle down.
  • What will be the next move in this game?
  • Maggie watched this move in amazement.
  • I will move in without delay.
  • He can hardly move in that suit.
  • Something did move in the chamber of the dead!
  • He began to move in exalted circles.
  • Was this the next move in the mad game?
  • You kin move in and work it on shares.
  • I move in one set and you in another.
  • He began to move in the direction of the house.
  • It was a bold move in political science.
  • Was it another move in her perpetual game?
  • They moved as forms move in a dream.
  • The ship would still move in its appointed course.
  • To-morrow, you must move in regularly.
  • She cannot get it to move in her mouth; it will not stir!
  • A kind of waking dream began to move in his brain.
  • They would move in the morning surely, perhaps before.
  • To them, the whole thing was a master move in politics.
  • Can I move in tonight?
  • Perhaps I shall move in and find out for myself what it is.
  • Miss Austen and I move in different worlds.
  • The introduction of myself into the business had been but a move in the game.
  • You daren't move in your seat.
  • I cannot well move in the matter myself, which brings me to you.
  • It was too likely to ruin whoever ventured to move in the matter.
  • As it was a practice march the men continued to move in step.
  • It seemed as if a swarm of butterflies was on the move in the bright sunshine.
  • And what pictures of horror must move in ghastly procession in your mind.
  • An unholy and voluptuous life seemed to move in those forms still.
  • You are satisfied with your position in life, move in a good circle.
  • When the action is joined, he can move in one of three ways.

How To Use Move In In A Sentence?

  • He is unearthly in the sense that as we read him we seem to move in a new element.
  • Whatever tried to move in the face of it had to fight for every inch of the way.
  • Presently they made a move in his direction and grew larger as they came along.
  • The air was so filled with snow that it would be quite useless to attempt to move in it.

Definition of Move In

(intransitive) To start living or working in a new place; to transport one's belongings to a new home or workplace; to make one's home or workplace into a suitable environment.
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