Moved In In A Sentence

Definition of Moved In

Settled into a new environment; having brought one's belongings to a new home or workplace and arranged the place to be agreeable. | simple past tense and past participle of move in

How To Use Moved In In A Sentence?

  • For the first week she moved in a kind of exaltation.
  • They were moved in the pitch darkness, and silently.
  • He knelt at her side, and the lips of both moved in prayer.
  • It was clear and bright, few people moved in the street.
  • He glanced about him, and a dim worry moved in his face.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Moved In | Moved In Sentence

  • We have just moved in.
  • She moved in their direction.
  • The heath had moved in.
  • Francesca moved in his arm.
  • We moved in yesterday.
  • His head moved in the gloom.
  • They all moved in the same slithery crouch.
  • They moved in the direction of the shooting.
  • Something moved in the kitchen doorway.
  • We moved in much the same set.
  • The furniture and the stove were moved in.
  • Round and round we moved in silence.
  • I have not been so powerfully moved in years.
  • The animals moved in herds.
  • He moved in his chair uneasily.
  • Together the trio moved in that direction.
  • He once moved in the world as a gentleman.
  • The companies then moved in succession into the street.
  • Her lips moved in silent prayer.
  • His hair moved in the gentle breeze.
  • The scarecrow moved in the sun light.
  • The panel of the cupboard moved in the groove.
  • A cot was moved in for the use of the detective.
  • The boats moved in military order.
  • They moved in a walk or a small trot.
  • We have moved in an entirely theoretical sphere.
  • It moved in a stealthy undulating line.
  • He moved in closer to the cliff and chuckled grimly.
  • I knew that she was a crook who moved in good society.
  • Otherwise, not a muscle moved in his face.
  • He moved in his seat and threw his head up appealingly.
  • She flushed and moved in her seat under his long scrutiny.
  • A village had been moved in less than sixty minutes.
  • So they moved in their sock feet without a sound.
  • Joseph moved in uncertainty, debating with himself.

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