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  • She moves toward the door.
  • He moves toward the door.
  • He moves toward his state-room.
  • Maestro Guglielmi bows and moves toward the door.
  • It moves toward her.
  • One while he moves toward evil, and one while toward good,
  • [_She turns away from him haughtily and moves toward the door.

How To Use Moves Toward In A Sentence?

  • If a man moves toward another to throw him out of the room, his movement is not a sign.
  • From the corner a wild face starts out of the straw and moves toward you, just as your light goes out.
  • Slowly, majestically, an old man with flowing beard of gold moves toward the edge of the great rock.
  • She takes up the book again, the little instrument that betrays his determination to accept no benefits at her hands, and moves toward the door.
  • Finally, like the cloud no bigger than a hand, it rises from the island of Corsica and moves toward Central Europe.
  • This was the day of Carlsen's anticipated victory, the first of his calculated moves toward check-mate, and he was palpably enjoying it.
  • But the earth as a whole also moves toward the moon, and more than the water does, keeping its round shape, while its movable water (practically enveloping it) is piled up before it toward the moon and left accumulated behind it away from the moon.
  • Therefore let the hostess, who would have her symposiums remembered with delight, see to it that she has an abundance of chairs, both easy and light, easy ones for the refreshment of the weary in body and light ones that may be quickly moved when the spirit moves toward some other group.
  • At last it ceases, Ohio is called, a form arises near the center of the middle aisle, and moves toward the stage amid the clapping of thousands of hands, which increases as General Garfield mounts the same platform upon which Senator Conkling has so lately stood.
  • He looks around him, as if to see if any remain in the room, then slowly moves toward the fireplace and holds his trembling hands before the fire.]
  • After a moment, the Caller moves toward the rear of the open space and while there once again sings: Song
  • When they are quiet and in their places, the Caller moves toward them, then turns, stops, looks at the empty side at the left and sings: Song
  • But, although Fox regained control of diplomatic matters and made some slight moves toward reopening negotiations, he had no serious intention of disturbing Shelburne's work, and the provisional treaty was made definitive on September 3, 1783--the day on which the French treaty was signed.
  • There is an eternal enmity between the serpent and the soul, and the serpent's head must be bruised, but the soul resisting all the forces and fascinations of the flesh, rising on that which has been cast down to higher things, slowly but surely, painfully but with ever added strength moves toward the ideal humanity which has never been better defined than as "the fullness of Christ."
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