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  • He himself was moving forward and onward.
  • Heavy masses of infantry are moving forward.
  • He was moving forward at blinding speed.
  • They were moving forward, still in high spirits.
  • Forty-third week, foot lifted high; moving forward (276).
  • Moving forward he joined her at the entrance to a shrubbery walk.
  • There must be a change from sitting still to moving forward.
  • A temporary halt was made here preparatory to moving forward in line of battle.
  • Again the man hesitated, then seemed on the point of moving forward again.
  • At last it was returned, and moving forward, they reached the gate.
  • Why should he, when the Southern cause was moving forward so smoothly?
  • By 1912 Pan-Islamism had recovered its poise and was moving forward once more.

How To Use Moving Forward In A Sentence?

  • Moving forward cautiously, they found themselves at the bottom of a circular shaft.
  • A shout of exultation rose from the supply fleet, which was now slowly moving forward.
  • Veltman, moving forward upon the unprotected south end of the press, was fumbling at his pocket.
  • And moving forward suddenly he picked up his hat and, with a low bow, crossed to the door.
  • After all, you're not standing still: you're moving forward a little behind the times.
  • Moving forward through the underbrush, Beaudry took stock of this dusky nymph with surprise.
  • Rynason turned among those memories, moving forward in them, and was aware of Horng watching him.
  • But the fiery energy of Charleston and the lower South was moving forward over all obstacles.
  • Only the shifting shadow-lines that the reeds cast over her body indicate that she is moving forward.
  • From across the road a huge dark blur had detached itself and was moving forward stealthily to the attack.
  • But at the back of his soul he knew that the woman had conquered, and that he was moving forward to acknowledge her.
  • The wind from behind had kept the dust moving forward at a pace just equal to the gallop of his horse.
  • There was a rude dignity about this vine-dresser which pleased her, and moving forward she kissed her aunt.
  • Soon round a bend of the moon-lighted road a figure appeared moving forward rapidly and keeping in what shadow there was.
  • On they came, crouching against the rocks and moving forward with the lithe, gliding motion of serpents.
  • It must settle slowly until its wheels just touch, while all the time it is moving forward at the rate of a fast express train.
  • Breckenridge laid a restraining hand upon his arm, but he shook it off, and moving forward stopped just outside the threshold.
  • The earth, and the things of the earth, have been moving forward, marching on towards perfectability always.
  • Yet the sheer dogged instinct of self-preservation buoys him up, keeps him ever moving forward, anywhere so that it is only forward.
  • It seemed to him that he heard in the distance the march of a great army of new home-builders, moving forward slowly and cautiously as yet.
  • Now that we are fairly moving forward, bets are being freely exchanged as to the date of our arrival at Magdala.
  • The second battalion, which was rather further from us, was moving forward in like manner, and in a parallel direction.
  • Tis long yet to dawn," she abruptly added, moving forward, and speaking with more coherency.
  • It was too late to make good the German's mischief, for the soldiers were already moving forward.
  • Before moving forward, it remained for us to ascertain if the channel from the junction was the Castlereagh, or only a creek.
  • Imagine a great barndoor shutting to, and you have the movement, if you can also imagine the door itself, hinge and all, moving forward also.
  • On the narrow street, going uphill, an enormous crowd was moving forward in disorder, covered with dust and shouting uninterruptedly.
  • The Creator is borne along on a swirling cloud of cherubs, moving forward through space like a rushing mighty wind.

Definition of Moving Forward

present participle of move forward | henceforth | from now on
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