Moving In A Sentence

How To Use Moving In A Sentence?

  • The clock ticked loudly in the silence of the old room, the hands moving slowly towards ten.
  • The game consists in making the two sets of counters change places; moving one at a time.
  • I heard her moving about in the kitchen, and, making a hasty toilet, joined her there.
  • Ralph was still sleeping, but Jessie had risen, and was moving quietly about the house.
  • The crowd was moving away, and nearly lost in the darkness Hubert came towards his friends.
  • But in Berlin things were now (July 24) moving toward the climax with impetuous momentum.
  • Then Lessard, without moving a muscle or altering his steady gaze, spoke to Dobson.
  • Mrs. C. D. Budlong was shedding tears like a crocodile, without moving a feature.
  • One night a young American got access to Stoddard at the Concert Rooms and told him a moving tale.
  • He had heard again the sound of a cautious footstep and the rustle of the brambles as if some hand was moving them.
  • Individuals were found beneath logs on the forest floor or moving about in the litter on the forest floor.
  • She must have come in on the evening train while he was at the moving pictures, and retired immediately.
  • Patricia watched her moving across the crowded room with all the assurance of long experience of such scenes, and admired her more than ever.
  • Her moving outlines dissolved into a misty coloured shimmer of a woman made of flame and shadows, crossing the threshold of his house.
  • The latter arises from ignorance, and no one is voluntarily ignorant; ignorance is only the aberration of the soul moving towards knowledge.
  • They had been moving from fair to fair about the kingdom, and were the next morning to set out on their way to London.
  • A few minutes later their rapidly moving figures left the Square and passed down the street beyond the high iron fence.
  • The schooner, moving slowly, jerk by jerk, as the men pulled in the whaleboat, was almost directly beneath.
  • Then they were to co-operate with an army moving up from Arkansas, and the State would be redeemed.
  • The dog came slowly on, moving with heavy, dragging steps, very unlike its usual joyous bounds; and it was quite alone.
  • Looking out we saw men, women, children, moving rapidly hither and thither, the current for the most part setting toward the southwest.
  • Glancing up from time to time, he could see the tall stranger moving about the hall; now whispering to this one, now to another of the Emirs.
  • This sends current through all of the relays in such direction as to withdraw both the moving and the holding pawls from the segments and thus allow all of the segments to return to their normal positions.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Moving | Moving Sentence

  • The moving was over sooner than she had thought possible.
  • Insensibly the number of moving bodies increased.
  • It was moving slowly towards the hut.
  • The tent stopped moving and there was quiet.
  • Pretty tidy sums must have been moving afloat just then.
  • The ocean was a stately procession of moving mountains.
  • Gray could see no other moving thing along the plains.
  • Corinna stopped her impatient moving about and looked down on her.
  • One of the moving mountains in the blinding glare came toward him.
  • Every one looks steadily at his leader without moving a muscle.
  • But he wasn't moving in the best company, you know.
  • A view of the beach from that roof to-night would make a great moving picture.
  • It is fast moving for a large snake; two individuals escaped capture.
  • Enthusiastic aeronaut and moving spirit in aviatory matters in Austria.
  • I thought I might as well be moving as sit there and get soaked to the hide.
  • At last, in moving one of the pieces, Bright-Wits detected a slight click.
  • She was on a moving something--a wagon perhaps, or a train.

Definition of Moving

(not comparable) That moves or move. | That causes someone to feel emotion. | present participle of move
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