Mow In A Sentence

Definition of Mow

(agriculture) To put into mows. | Alternative form of mew (a seagull)

How To Use Mow In A Sentence?

  • But to get hay he had either to fork it down from the mow or get it from the stack.
  • Instead, she leaned farther out over the edge of the mow and peered down anxiously.
  • As the invaders prepared to mow them down a sudden hush fell on the men and the invaders parted.
  • Without the least hesitation, she slid the unconscious woman over the edge of the mow feet first.
  • The four old hags at the fire began to mow and scream, and got up and hobbled into the cave.
  • The oftener you mow us down, the more in number we grow; the blood of Christians is seed.
  • Long years of havoc urge their destined course, And through the kindred squadrons mow their way.
  • So Humphrey continued to mow and make hay, while Edward and Jacob went out for venison.
  • That warrior obeyed the summons, leaving Mow Wang in charge of Soochow, but he could do no good.
  • The individual cannot begin to mow the hay or plough the fields until the assembly has decided the time for all to begin.
  • It is the nation that can mow down harvests of savages without even the comparatively decent excuse that it wants to eat them.
  • But they come wearing shiny clothes, and mop and mow at me and expect me to answer their gibberings.
  • From the high-piled loads of hay journeying slowly to the mow fall the dried buttercups and daisies that danced in the mowing grass.
  • He used to get up with the sun and work in the Garden or mow the lawn until it was time to go to work.
  • If the roof caught, or if a vagrant spark reached the hay with which the mow was filled, nothing could save it.
  • The red eye was now lighting up the far end of the mow so that Harriet was able to see much more clearly.
  • She buried her head in her skirt and crouched down close to the edge of the mow in an effort to get some fresh air, but without very great success.
  • When yu reach hum, bury the watermellon in the ha mow and slip into bed, just as tho nothing had happened.
  • Its walls were of peeled logs, which offered little hold for fire, but its roof was of split shakes and its mow full of hay.
  • It was the resort of all the Irish haymakers who mow the broad fields in the neighborhood; and of drovers and teamsters who travel that road.
  • He is a small, wretched old man with red eyes, like those of a rabbit, and to-morrow death will mow him down.
  • It has become my earnest desire to plant things, and grow things, and chop things with axes; to mow things with scythes.
  • June arrived, and it was time to mow down grass to make into hay for the winter, and Jacob had two scythes.
  • The perplexed hypocrite perceived that however quickly he might try to escape, the cavalry would overtake him at Grosswardein and mow him down.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Mow | Mow Sentence

  • She climbed up to the mow a long time ago.
  • And so she climbed from mow to mow gathering the eggs.
  • You'll mow them down like grass.
  • The girls on the other mow now realized that the barn was on fire.
  • She crawled cautiously to the edge of the mow and peered over.
  • Grape and canister mow a swath and pile the dead on top of each other.
  • She began crawling back into the mow on her hands and knees.
  • The figure was groping along the edge of the mow and muttering.
  • A monkey chained in one corner began to gibber and mow at me.
  • The mow is filled with sweet smelling hay and the cattle, stalled, are below.
  • If you've made up your mind to mow down everything, don't spare your own legs.
  • He asked Li to assign Mow Wang to him, and this request was granted.
  • Then, my own dear, Come here, come here, And mow and mow!
  • When Time, to mow you down, his scythe doth take, Good Man!
  • Round-headed Bill Nye, without an idea, could mow all day in the heat of July.
  • And in its place will swing the scythe and mow your father's hay.

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