Mows in a sentence

Definition of Mows

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of mow | plural of mow

Short Example Sentence for Mows

  • 1. Ladders led up to the top of the mows from the barn floor.
  • 2. In June the farmer mows his hay.

How to use Mows in a Sentence?

  • 1. Then the great mows of hay, or the shapely stacks in the fields, and the battle is won.
  • 2. After gazing over the mows for some moments Harriet finally descended to the floor.
  • 3. There were little heaps of hay on the barn floor, and on either side in the mows the hay was piled up high.
  • 4. Its head is armed with a formidable pair of jaws, with which, like a scythe, it mows its way through thick and thin.
  • 5. The mower mows on, though the adder may writhe And the copper-head coil round the blade of his scythe!
  • 6. He exists and thrives in every garrison in the empire, and the broad swath he mows within the ranks of the army testifies to his diligence and to his successful methods.