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How To Use Much Smaller In A Sentence?

  • Still they were much smaller than they were observed to be in the higher branches of the river.
  • The pig of his remembrance was white and much smaller than the animal he saw before him.
  • The guns which they carried were commonly much smaller than those on the sloops and frigates.
  • It is much smaller and higher set on legs and has a body much more upright in carriage.
  • This may be accomplished by a much smaller expenditure of time than may at first be supposed.
  • It was in good condition and the surgeon was able this time to use a very much smaller dressing.
  • On her head she wore a tiara of much smaller dimensions than that worn on public occasions.
  • There are no flying buttresses on the north side, and the pinnacles are much smaller.
  • It is much smaller than any of the foregoing species, being nine-twentieths of an inch in length.
  • Here the affair was to be much smaller, all the elements being absent except the pig and drums.
  • Cattle rustling and horse stealing still continued, but on a much smaller scale.
  • His spottings were much smaller and more effective than those of the other Pointillists.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Much Smaller | Much Smaller Sentence

  • But for the most part they were much smaller.
  • Cards for gentlemen are much smaller than those for ladies.
  • The next level up was much smaller.
  • Ahead was another mob not much smaller.
  • Our little train now seemed much smaller.
  • Much smaller than the preceding; but 7.5 in.
  • You look so much smaller!...
  • It was a little house, much smaller than its neighbors.
  • He was smaller, much smaller, and very slight.
  • These men are much smaller, slighter, and fairer.
  • I always thought parasites were much smaller than Perkins.
  • On a much smaller scale Meredith committed the same error.
  • Somehow, Bunny seemed much smaller in his pajamas.
  • It is much smaller than the H.S.
  • The other source of dissatisfaction was a much smaller affair.
  • In this so much smaller trouble she knew she had not sufficed for him.
  • On the 17th the wound was much smaller and the slough separating.
  • The fragmentary piece is much smaller and the holes are extremely small.
  • These faults are found to a much smaller degree in her miscellaneous poems.
  • His eyes were of the shape of saucers, and seemed not much smaller.
  • But when he used the quarters and dimes, how much smaller the piles were.
  • The triforium is much larger, and the clerestory much smaller.
  • Though it was much smaller than our earth, it was superior to it in many ways.
  • There is another species of this bird much smaller, called the little flamingo.
  • The boy grew to be a man of large stature, while the girl was much smaller.
  • The four others, which are much smaller, are not visible at that depth.
  • Saturn, you notice, only a small portion of his much smaller loop.
  • In practice, of course, the tubes are made very much smaller.
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