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  • Up to his heaving belly the black mud crept.
  • Why, you rubber-kneed, water-eyed mud turtle you!
  • The mud and water in these alleys was up to the knees of the mules.
  • Saruk has some poplars, and is surrounded by a ruinous mud wall.
  • His nostrils had been stuffed with moist mud and a chopped aromatic herb.
  • The mud on the colt's side and neck had begun to dry.
  • Bert could feel a perceptible slowing up as the mud began to grip the wheel.
  • It was a rude structure of logs, and mud had been used to close up the chinks.
  • The labour was immense, and the troops worked knee deep in mud and water.
  • The dream begins when Henry had been mud clerk about three months.
  • The "narrow alleys" are scrupulously clean, and there is neither mud nor dust.
  • And it will last, I suppose, till the moon is mud and the stars are dough.
  • The doctor ran one way, Mud Sam another, and Wolfert made for the water side.

How To Use Mud In A Sentence?

  • And those fellows over there might as well be making mud pies as riprapping at that point.
  • When we were about a mile out of the city, we came to the mud huts where the poor lepers live.
  • The reason why men do not obey us, is because they see the mud at the bottom of our eye.
  • In snow and mud gallops are impossible, and three miles an hour is good going.
  • The mud was very deep and tenacious, and the rate of progress barely two miles an hour.
  • The Alligator, who was buried in the mud at the bottom of the river, heard every word.
  • This "Tower of Silence" near Tihran is a large round edifice of whitewashed mud and stone.
  • The mud banks were out of sight now, and a broad belt of water was spreading rapidly on the other side.
  • But, ah! how the mud glistened in the evening sunshine which was reflected on it in prismatic colours.
  • The tide was out, and the river bed was a bed of mud except for a narrow stream of water that ran down the middle.
  • He stamps the mud of the courtyard into the carpets, and wipes my plates without washing them, with his shirt.
  • He threw himself on his mule, all travel-soiled as he was, and hastened through the mud and mire to the distant convent.
  • It would only be foolhardy to plough through the mud with his tires skidding and threatening an ugly fall that might mean a broken leg or arm.
  • Roseen unfastened the half-door and came in, her little bare brown feet making no sound on the mud floor.
  • The python was a monstrous serpent which arose from the mud left after the flood in which Deucalion survived.
  • There was no window on that side, but in several places the dried mud had fallen away, and the light shone through the crevices.
  • I fought on for an hour, crossed what appeared to be a bridge, where there were a few mud hovels, and pressed on down a narrower valley.
  • It has a mud wall, disintegrating from neglect, surrounded occasionally by a ditch, and at other times by foul and stagnant ponds.
  • Tracks wind wearily among shrunken villages, or cross ridges of mud or gravel to take their unlovely way over arid stony plains.
  • That lovely valley had many stone and mud buildings, in rows on the different levels of ground that at one time served as agricultural land.
  • Outside there is mud a foot deep, then a steep slope, and a disgusting green pool, and the drinking water is nauseous and brackish.
  • It is now a sea of mud crossed by a broad road indicated by dykes, that never-to-be-forgotten mud growing deeper as the day wore on.
  • The mud was deep and at a curve of the road, his rear tire skidded and threw him, bruised and bleeding, a dozen feet in advance.
  • The waters would be ruddy and golden at this hour, but by day ran brown and sluggish enough over the mud banks of the Alt.
  • Soon afterwards the Persian frontier is crossed, the hills increase considerably in size, and mud was exchanged for firm, rough gravel.
  • But tired and benumbed as I am I much prefer a march with excitements and difficulties to the monotony of splashing through mud in warm rain.
  • Sometimes after the vachtoe had been inclosed with wattle work the whole structure was plastered over with adobe mud and then became a caws-seen, or storehouse.

Definition of Mud

(intransitive, Internet) To participate in a MUD or multi-user dungeon. | A mixture of water and soil or fine grained sediment. | A plaster-like mixture used to texture or smooth drywall.
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