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  • But he muddled his money away.
  • Hang me, but this is all pretty well muddled up.
  • He tried to bring his muddled thoughts and fears to order.
  • Then, in a muddled sort of way, he began to reason.
  • She always did the paying, Rickie muddled with his purse.
  • Brown set his own indecision down frankly to the whisky that had muddled him.
  • In his defiance and egotism he had muddled things in a desperate way.
  • Now our affairs are hopelessly muddled by strong, silent men.
  • Obviously, Sallorsen's wits were muddled at this turn.
  • Yet there is, I think, a gleam of muddled truth somewhere behind it.
  • Yet--we muddled through.
  • She might so easily have muddled the whole scheme of things, but she didn't!
  • I'll kill him," muttered the muddled and confused Jarnley.

How To Use Muddled In A Sentence?

  • Neither of these groups has ever been remotely happy with this muddled situation.
  • Under fire of questions it developed that the pupil in hand was sadly muddled over it.
  • Put muddled feelings into words, attempt to explain what he did not fully understand himself?
  • I am much of the time mud from head to foot, and my spirit is getting muddled also.
  • But her thoughts, save when muddled by her tonics, never wandered from Masters for a moment.
  • Perhaps the wind and sand storms had muddled the tracks, but Drew still had faith in the Pima.
  • He muddled the accounts of the Leeds and Manchester Railroad and was sent home.
  • Camille Velasquon, who, now fearing that I had muddled everything, began to cry in sober earnest.
  • If ever there had been a case where a wife had muddled things by her total lack of comprehension, here it was.
  • Like a flash his desperate flirtation with the wife of his own squadron chief came back to his muddled consciousness.
  • Where so many things were muddled in inexplicability this one matter seemed suddenly perfectly clear to her.
  • It is in this way that incomes are muddled away, and that life is rendered the scene of bitterness and discontent.
  • It was then that he had the bright idea to invite you to fill the place, from a muddled notion that you could be of use.
  • Now that the ancient, muddled religion had been brought to life again, could it have the same hold on them that it had once had?
  • The tracks led to the cupboard, and were muddled confusedly there, as though the maker had stood there for some minutes.
  • Peter gaped at her in astonishment, his muddled wits and aching head beginning dimly to realize that something was wrong.
  • I am sorry for him; perhaps it has muddled my values, as you call it, to be on the inside circle of his advisers.
  • Reckless contracts taken with a muddled brain and speculation to make up the losses, have, between them, resulted in chaos.
  • The aunts never knew any one properly, were always a little muddled among all those nephews and nieces of a later generation.
  • I wouldn't have your dear little head muddled with business, but your daughter's a different person.
  • So muddled did he become, at what had been told him, that he lost the power of thinking, and requested each of us to offer his own opinion.
  • Somehow he had known his boys better when they had all muddled together as one family, and algebras lay strewn upon the drawing room chairs.
  • I fancy that your case is chronic, that you won't be happy till you've muddled your intellectual salvation according to your own notions.
  • Mason had a right to publish on anything he wanted to, still a muddled series of half facts, incidents and suspicions chased through his mind.
  • As to the first, she protested, with muddled vehemence, that she had gone to meet him, and had missed him by some mistake as to arrival platforms.
  • It is no use asking me to explain, gentlemen, and it is no use bullying me, for the more you do that the more muddled I get.

Definition of Muddled

Confused, disorganised, in disarray. | simple past tense and past participle of muddle
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