Muffins In A Sentence

Definition of Muffins

plural of muffin

How To Use Muffins In A Sentence?

  • Remember that you can make delicious muffins and other quick breads from the substitute flours.
  • When she came out of the kitchen with the muffins in her hand her sunshine suddenly clouded.
  • By sunrise a boy with fresh coffee and a pail of muffins rides swiftly to our door.
  • The muffins were cold upon it, but she had been glad of the mildly stimulating effects of the tea.
  • We mount after taking our muffins and coffee in the centre of a large and enthusiastic gathering of villagers.
  • Now cut from the top one slice from each of the four muffins and use a spoon to scoop out the centres.
  • A nice change for the family is to give them corn muffins and plain rolls or biscuits in place of bread.
  • When cold the muffins that are left over may be split and toasted and then spread with mountain sweet-spiced jam.
  • When they came in they found the parlour being prepared for company, and were sent to procure sausages and muffins for tea.
  • Flour the muffins and bake slowly on one side six minutes; then turn and bake the same on the other side.
  • Send the muffins to table hot, and split them by pulling them open with your fingers, as a knife will make them heavy.
  • When well risen and nearly dry, turn over, using the griddle-cake turner to turn the muffins and rings.
  • There was about the muffins and tea in a cosy drawing-room a serenity which had always been to her the distinguishing mark of Englishmen abroad.
  • But we want more than muffins and milk, Thomas; and more than cushions and daffodils and nice pictures.
  • In the midst of the babel Zilda slipped away to make muffins hastily for Gilby's breakfast.
  • Miniature Pizzas Miniature pizzas are split English muffins rubbed with garlic or onion and brushed with olive oil.
  • Nothing but the most serious business could give one any counterweight to these Baresarks, though they were only to order eggs and muffins for their breakfast.
  • Telling stories was a constant delight, and the wonderful adventures that befell the muffins on their daily rounds kept the little gathering quiet and happy till tea appeared.
  • To bake muffins in pans or custard cups, grease the pans or cups well and half fill with the drop batter and then bake in a hot oven for fifteen minutes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Muffins | Muffins Sentence

  • These muffins are fine.
  • Once upon a time one ate muffins with their tea.
  • The odor of coffee and baking muffins stole into the room.
  • She shrank a little when Annie passed the muffins to her.
  • These muffins are bully, only there aren't enough of them.
  • As a specimen of his art, we had him make muffins and tea that evening.
  • Why shouldn't I have muffins for tea?
  • Your muffins are as good as ever, mother,' he remarked.
  • Vita was just coming into the dining room with the muffins as Nora passed her.
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